Death by explosion in a Chinese chemical factory rises to 78

The death toll by an explosion in a Chinese chemical plant has climbed to 78. A further fourteen fatalities were found under the rubble, according to the Chinese state news agency Xinhua Monday.

The explosion in the Chinese city of Yancheng found Thursday afternoon (local time) place. Thousands of rescuers were deployed to help the victims, and the explosion surrounding fire to extinguish.

There were certainly 617 wounded. Another 566 people in such a sixteen hospitals in the city. It goes according to Xinhua especially to victims with light injuries. The state of thirteen people is currently critical.

Not all the fatalities are identified. Of 56 people, the identity is already well established.

Investigation of cause of explosion

The exact cause of the explosion is still under investigation. According to state media is in the factory benzene explodes. Benzene is a colorless and highly flammable liquid that is primarily from petroleum and is won.

Because of the events in Yancheng, the Chinese government has strict security measures announced. This includes risk assessments for all chemical industrial estates in the country.


Massive explosion at chemical plant in China

Dozens of homes destroyed by explosion

As a result of the explosion are 89 homes in the surrounding area of the factory is destroyed. The affected residents are compensated or get a new property assigned, according to the local authorities.

Also the doors and windows of ten nearby elementary and middle schools were damaged. The authorities did this at the weekend for repair, allowing children to return to school.

Since the explosion on Friday, school days took place, also became a number of students slightly wounded by flying glass. It was going to be more than a hundred children.

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