Dean Saunders hopes that a quarrel with brother Jamie quickly is

Dean Saunders hopes that a quarrel with brother Jamie quickly is

Dean Saunders hopes that the quarrel with his brother, Jamie quickly settled. According to the singer, he is still welcome in the family.

“It is and remains my brother. He makes mistakes, but we all make sometimes mistakes. Only those errors with us so publicly made known, unfortunately,” says Saunders to News.

The 36-year-old singer stresses that his relationship with the family completely in order. “I don’t know what inspires him. But everyone makes something crazy in his life, and if you Saunders is called, you may, of course, a little bit crazy. I hope that he is quickly helped. We want them to help, but he must first simply normally do.”

Dean Saunders wants brother ‘normally do’


By the end of 2016 appeared a video of Jamie Saunders, in which he told me that his oldest brother people “under the bus throwing”. Dean Saunders decided to press charges against his brother.

Saunders let then know that the argument has been going on for a while plays. “A week ago I got a letter from him in which he of 5,000 euros demands within 24 hours, otherwise he makes me a ‘totally broken.'”

“Two weeks ago I had an attempted burglary. He had said that he and a few people would along send,” continues Saunders. The singer thinks that his brother Jamie has a cocaine addiction and severe money problems. “He is really able to make a bomb to make it explode. We are scared to death. I hope that he picked up or in a clinic.”


Dean, Ben and Jamie Saunders in the past, all three have come in contact with the criminal justice system. Jamie Saunders was the beginning of 2016 convicted of assault of a pedestrian and Dean Saunders got in 2015, a prison sentence was imposed because of abuse of his ex.

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