Dean disputes white professor statement on black students

PHILADELPHIA – A white University of Pennsylvania law school professor who said that they have never had a black student graduated in the top quarter of the class has been removed from the education requires first-year law students.

Law dean Ted Ruger said professor Amy Wax said “disparaging and inaccurate” about the performance of black students during an interview with Brown University economics professor Glenn Loury on the “downside of positive action” of last year.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen, a black student, graduated in the top quarter of the class, and rarely in the top half,” Wax said at the time.

Wax also claimed that the University of Pennsylvania Law Review has a racial diversity mandate, which suggests that the black students had not earned their places. Talk about black law students at Penn and peer schools, she went on to say that some of them do not even attend college.

Ruger said that it was absolutely necessary for him as a blanket to set the Wax’s claims are untrue.

“Black students have graduated in the top of the class at Penn Law, and the Law Review does not have a diversity mandate. On the contrary, the editors are selected on the basis of a competitive process,” he said. “And contrary to any suggestion otherwise, black students at Penn Law are extremely successful, both inside and outside the classroom, on the labour market and their career.”

Wax has a job at the university and the preservation of her salary and her seniority. She will continue to teach a full study of electives, but it is not the teaching of a required first-year law school course.

Wax has made provocative statements, who claims that Anglo-Protestant cultural norms and values are superior to others. They also claimed that in the Philadelphia Inquirer op-ed last year that America should return to the bourgeois culture of the 1950s. In that article, she condemned “the single parent, anti-social habits, known among the working class whites’, ‘ the anti ‘acting white’ rap culture of the inner city blacks” and the “anti-assimilation ideas gaining ground among a number of Spanish migrants” and said that they are not suitable for a “First World, 21st-century environment.”

A voicemail and an e-mail looking for comment of Wax not immediately returned Wednesday.

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