‘Deadliest Catch’: the Allegations against Sig Hansen ‘has no consequences for the show


Discovery Channel stands by Sig Hansen of “Deadliest Catch” after the Alaskan crab captain of the estranged daughter accused him of sexual abuse as a toddler.

“A judge reviewed the facts 25 years ago, and found no merit to the accusations,” a rep for the show told Fox News. “Out of respect for the family and all involved, we will refrain from comment. This has no consequences for the show.”

Hansen’s daughter, Melissa Eckstrom, now a 28-year-old family law lawyer in Seattle, argues in a lawsuit that she battled depression, eating disorders, suicidal thoughts and other traumas. She also claims that she still harbors the memories of her father’s abuse of her as a 2-year-old in 1990.

Hansen denied the accusations in a statement to Fox News.

“I’m a pretty plain spoken man, and for me, this is nothing more than a shakedown,” Hansen said. “The allegations are completely false, he is my ex-wife Lisa Eckstrom used almost 30 years ago to take away my daughter, and continued to try to use to extort money from me.”

Hansen continues, “It is a fact that decades ago I was acquitted of the allegations after a full process…We were completely acquitted of all charges after a prosecutor, a judge, the court-appointed experts, a guardian ad litem and a team of other child experts all agree that these claims were pure fiction. I cooperated 100 percent, including the taking of a polygraph test which also confirmed my innocence.”


The case now hangs in legal limbo while the state Court of Appeal decides whether a King County court ruling that would allow it to go to trial is legally sound. The court of appeal, the decision could shape legal precedent in Washington to determine whether victims of alleged childhood sexual abuse can pursue claims, as adults, even though the abuse allegations have been dealt with in prior civil proceedings.

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