‘Deadliest Catch’: Sig Hansen fears heart checkup; Jake Anderson and pregnant woman with Down’s Syndrome scare

Captains Sig Hansen and Jake Anderson both suffered through uncomfortable medical situations on Tuesday night’s episode of “Deadliest Catch.”

While Hansen feared a heart checkup that could take him from the high seas, Anderson and his pregnant wife had a Down’s Syndrome worried about their unborn child.

After the completion of his trap crab fishing of the season, Hansen, back home in Seattle –but had to consult his cardiologist to be turned off to the pilot boat in the winter.

As fans of the Discovery Channel reality show know, Hansen a heart attack in February 2016 and almost died.

He was ordered to his stress and stop smoking, but that is easier said than done for the intense skipper.

The drive to the appointment, Hansen is afraid that the “doctor can give you the ‘rejected’ stamp ‘ which would prohibit him from sailing.

The doctor asked Hansen if he still smoked, and the captain winced, “I’m up to about a pack.”

The cardiologist reminded Hansen that quitting cigarettes of the most important aspects of the health of the heart.

Still, the doctor decided to medically clear Hansen to fish, saying: “If you do your work and feeling good, I’m in support of that. [Crab fishing] is where you feel completely in your element.”

Relieved Hansen smiled that he in his fall, the season had been “unicorns and rainbows, it was fun.”

Viewers also saw Captain Anderson, returned home with his wife Jenna after his fall fishing was over, faced with a scary situation.

Jenna, who had called Anderson on the boat to announce her second pregnancy, went to her doctor with him to look at an echo. But they heard the alarming news, when the doctor said that part of their baby’s neck seemed a bit thick.

“It might be…an indication of something, such as Down’s Syndrome,” the doctor said, adding that she needed to look at Jenna’s blood work for a diagnosis.

“God, that’s scary,” said Jake, while Jenna told him, “We can face what comes our way.”

At the end of the episode, however, the doctor Anderson and his wife to let them know that the test showed that their baby is NOT with Down Syndrome and everything looked healthy.

A grateful Anderson gave Jenna a big smile.

Meanwhile, Hansen also had reason to smile when his daughter Mandy’s friend, his mate, Clark Pederson, arrived at their home.

Pederson, who had previously received Hansen permission for Mandy’s hand in marriage, took her aside on the captain’s patio.

Hansen and his wife watched as Clark proposed — and glad that Mandy showed them the engagement ring on her finger by the window!

Also on the episode, Johnathan Hillstrand was hoping to go “in a blaze of glory”, as he planned to retire after his fall fishing season.

Hillstrand was forced to send his Time Bandit ship through a dangerous shortcut to a crab on time without a dead loss.

With his crew, to help, Hillstrand the success and the experienced skipper got emotional about liquidation of his long crab fishing career.

A crew man raised the American flag on the boat if Hillstrand steamed in.

“I want to go out with pride and dignity. God bless America,” Hillstrand said.

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