Dead in running car on opponents of extreme-right march in Virginia

Dead in running car on opponents of extreme-right march in Virginia

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A car Saturday, drove down on a group of demonstrators in the U.s. city of Charlottesville, in the state of Virginia, where the state of emergency was declared in connection with a meeting of extreme-right groups. In the incident, one person died, while nineteen people injured.

Notify local emergency services to U.s. media. The mayor of Charlottesville, Mike Signer, laments on Twitter that “a life is lost,” and calls on “everyone with a good will,” to go home.

The driver of the car was arrested, reports news agency AP. It is still unclear whether the person intentionally rammed the group, which consisted of a few hundred people in a procession through the streets of Charlottesville walked. On the images to see the vehicle multiple people creates and then rapidly backward moving.

In the street was at the time of the incident a tegendemonstratie to the corridor. The protesters wanted an interview to hear from the hundreds of people who have grouped together to the so-called “Unite the Right” conference to attend. The nationalists, supporters of the so-called “alt-right” and neo-nazis.


Car drives on parade, and creates several protesters in Charlottesville


Friday night was their first protest held in Charlottesville. The protesters shouted slogans like “Jews will not replace”. It came to a brawl with opponents, who also flock to Charlottesville traveled.

Also Saturday, ran the excitement is high around the collected extreme-right groups.

Car drives into protesters Charlottesville

In the American city of Charlottesville, in the state of Virginia, is Saturday, a car drove into a group of protesters.

In the incident, several injured cases.

Rescue workers and volunteers to accompany the wounded to the hospital.

On the images to see the vehicle multiple people creates and then rapidly drive away.

A caregiver takes care of an injured man.

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I am heartbroken that a life has been lost here. I urge all people of good will–go home.


Time of placing
19:16 – August 12, 2017


Saturday the city council the meeting before the start of the second mars “illegal”. The police are massively present in the city and try to the two groups, but again there are fights broke out. There would be tear gas are sprayed, according to a reporter from the local Indy Star.

President Donald Trump spoke Saturday on Twitter, in general, against hatred and violence. “We all need to be united and where all, hatred for state sentencing. There is no place for this kind of violence in America,” he wrote on Twitter. His wife, Melania was for him. “Our country welcomes the freedom of expression, but let’s communicate without hate in our hearts. Of violence is nothing good”, tweeted them about three quarters of an hour earlier.


American city calls state of emergency to extreme right-wing demonstration


Rise of the demonstatie is the intention for the statue of a general from the American civil war to remove. Robert Lee was over 150 years ago, the commander of the army of the southern states. That army fought for more self-government and the preservation of slavery. For the opponents of the statue is above all a symbol of white superioriteitsideeën.

The statue stands in Emancipate Park, which used to be the name Lee Park wore. That name is already changed, such as the last years in the south of the United States, several tributes to the Confederacy are gone.

This is the second weekend of protests by far-right groups in Charlottesville in one month’s time. In early July, also followers of the Ku Klux Klan to the city, to their dismay to express about the same issue.

Violence between the extreme right and tegendemonstranten in Charlottesville

Protesters walk past the statue of general Robert Lee, who during the American civil war, led the army of the Confederacy, the southern states. Supporters of ‘Unite the Right’ want that the image stays in place.

Members of various “alt-right” groups, neo-nazis and extreme-right movements to Charlottesville came to protest.

Between the different groups of protesters are fighting erupted. The city has the state of emergency was declared, in order to better intervene.

Also tegendemonstranten are on the ‘Unite the Right’meeting attended.

The supporters of extreme-right and alt-right movements on the one hand, and tegendemonstranten on the other, have ‘gevechtslinies’ formed at the Emancipation Park in Charlottesville.

Tegendemonstranten in Charlottesville.

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