Dead and big trouble in northeast US snowstorm

Dead and big trouble in northeast US snowstorm

Photo: AFP

The northeast region of the United States are experiencing Thursday the great inconvenience of a snowstorm. Until now, there is one dead cases and are more than five thousand flights are cancelled.

A 59-year-old man died in New York, when he is shoveling snow slipped and through a pane of glass fell, reports the police at CNN.

Flightradar24 makes mention of more than five thousand cancelled flights in the US. By far the most of them are cancelled due to airports in and around the city of New York. Also, metro services in New York cancelled and void a part of the bus.

Schools in New York, Boston and Philadelphia hold on Thursday their doors closed. The National Weather Service expects Thursday between 20 and 38 centimetres of snow is going to fall.

Roads in New York bad passable by snow

Snow blowers

Individuals is recommended not to with the car on the road. More than 3,000 people with snow blowers, used to roads as much as possible to keep it open. The region can be expected to Thursday at the beginning of the evening all return to the normal course of business, because then blizzard is expected to pass.

Snow Storm New York

A snowstorm to rage Thursday across the northeastern United States. A man and a woman take shelter under their umbrella.

The traffic in the New York area is shut down.
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A man tries the footpath of a promenade in Brooklyn free of the snow.
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A statue in Times Square is covered with snow.

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