De Randamie, the Netherlands plans is proud to make first world title MMA

De Randamie, the Netherlands plans is proud to make first world title MMA


Germaine de Randamie is looking forward to her wereldtitelgevecht Saturday against the American Holly Holm in New York. They can as the first Dutchman to UFC world champion in the Mixed martial arts (MMA).

“I’m going to do everything to make our small country on the vechtsportkaart to convert, so that everyone in the Netherlands will never forget,” says the 32-year-old Utrecht for the camera of NUsport.

The feitherweight, a weight class for fighters under the 66 kilos, is a new class on the women in the UFC. “The class is actually created for the multi-UFC-champion Cris Cyborg, only she was found positive on the use of doping”, explains de Randamie.

“I am asked, because I was an easy party for Holm. It is now up to me to show that I certainly am not.”

In the first instance, had the UFC Ronda Rousey on the eye as the opponent for the 35-year-old Holm, but she lost to Amanda Nunes at the fight for the bantamweight title (up to 61 kilos). A fight between the two champions for the new featherweight remained thus, and then The Randamie came in the picture.


De Randamie: ‘Character of Rico, the will to fight of Badr’

Fighting spirit

In America The Randamie not seen as a favorite for the title. “They look only for my MMA record (six won, three lost, ed.), but people from the vechtsportwereld know what I have in me. I am fighting for seventeen years on a professional level and am in the kickboxing world, European and Dutch champion.”

If De Randamie itself should compare them, makes them a combination between two of the greats in the martial arts. “I have the character of Rico Verhoeven and the will to fight of Badr Hari. Rico doesn’t like trashtalk, is respectful and a great athlete. Badr will come for the knock-out, just as I have.”

“In battle I am willing to big risk to take. Where other may be safe, fighting for points the profit to address, I am someone who is just to the front step and runs the risk of a punch to get down to go. I am dangerous because I had little fear know and why I walk always in the cage or ring with raised head, even if I lose.”


If ‘The Iron Lady’ Holm defeats than is the crown on her career. A Dutch title would be special, despite the fact that the Netherlands already has a large country in the vechtsportwereld.

“If you look at the kickboxing, then we have the best fighters in the world. There is no country that is better than us in that area, that is a fact. In the MMA is less, but that is emerging. The in the Netherlands will only increase.”

“I see, in any case, greatly looking forward to it. I feel like, the feeling is good and I have a good team behind me with friends, family and my fans. It’s now or never, and it is really a knalpartij. I feel I am the pride of a whole country wear.”

“America has plenty of UFC champions, but the Netherlands and so I’m going to give everything to the kampioensbelt more to the Netherlands to take.”

De Randamie and Holm take it in the night from Saturday to Sunday at 04.00 pm Dutch time against each other in New York.

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