DC Democrats mock trump military parade, will try to stop him

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Ralph Peters: the US military needs the funding, not a parade

Fox News strategic analyst pushes back on President Trump’s desire for a Bastille day-like celebration.

Democratic officials in the District of Columbia mockery of “fragile man” President trump to show the desire to a massive parade, the United States military, suggesting that they will take measures to prevent that it takes place in the nation’s capital.

“I would be hard-pressed to find someone who does not believe that this is really one thing and one thing only-a fragile man trying to feed his own ego,” ward 6 Councilmember Charles Allen told Fox News on Wednesday.

Democratic councilmember suggested that DC could refuse to cooperate.

“The district partners with Federal agencies all the time for the big national events – from security, street closures, crowd management, and more,” Allen said. “Until we work out a specific proposal, we need all of the options to consider in order to ensure that all national event fits with the vision, values and operations of the District of Columbia.”

To feed the military parade through the streets of DC, an insecure man with the fragile ego? That would be a big no.https://t. co/NHoiIEjj7e

— Charles Allen (@Charles Allen) 7. February 2018

He added: “The idea of tanks and missiles rolling down Pennsylvania Avenue is not my idea of the DC values. This would be a proposal that is really trying to think in honor of the men and women who serve our country, then I, a lot of people would support an event like this.”

Press-Secretary Sarah Sanders said on Wednesday, the White house still has no “final decision” about the holding of the parade, but Trump is mark “the exploration of” different ways, the country is proud for the military.

Minister of defense James Mattis, during the Wednesday press briefing at the White house, said Trump is the “taste for the military”, “reflected” in its request for a parade.

“I think we all know in this country, the President of affection and respect for the military,” said Mattis. “We put together some options. We will send you up to the White house for a decision.”

Since the idea was for the first time publicly on Tuesday, the DC Council has no idea, in some tweets, including a picture of the fake road signs ban on military tanks. mocked No Republicans serve on the Council.

“The Tanks tweeted but No tanks!” of the Council.

Tanks but No tanks!

Council of DC (@councilofdc) 7. February 2018

“Unfortunately, the giant-Tank-Parade is canceled,” the account tweeted. “Permanently.”

The DC government is open today.
DC Public schools are opening on time today.
Sadly, the Huge Tank-Parade is cancelled. Permanently.

Council of DC (@councilofdc) 7. February 2018


“Despots refer to their opponents as traitors and treasonable,” Phil Mendelson, the Chairman of the DC Council, tweeted. “And despots such as military parades. A military parade in our district of Columbia is not part of our democratic ideals.”

Despots refer to their opponents as traitors and treasonous. And despots such as military parades. A military parade in our district of Columbia is not part of our democratic ideals

— Phil Mendelson (@ChmnMendelson) 7. February 2018

Lindsey Walton, a spokesman for Mendelson, told Fox News that the parades in Washington, require approval by the DC Department of transportation and the Metropolitan Police Department. The inaugural Committee files for a permit every four years, after a President is sworn into office, she said.

Walton said Mendelson “not speculate on “measures” which could be taken, before a permit for Trump’s will be submitted to the parade. But she acknowledged that the Council is not allowed to approve.

Democratic mayor Muriel Bowser stated on Wednesday that DC would refuse to pay for a military parade.

“We are pursuing reports in the media about the planned parade and have more to say, if the formal and will begin outreach,” Anu Rangappa, a spokesman for Bowser, said Fox 5. “In the meantime, we know that, as well as the wall, he will have to pay for it.”

.@Mayor bowser Comms You on the prospect of a #military parade: “we know that just like the wall, he will have to pay for it.” @fox5dc

— Ronica Cleary ?? (@RonicaCleary) 7. February 2018

Trump, according to a story in the Washington Post, as the idea of a military parade through the streets of the capital of the nation after participating in the France – Bastille day as the guest of honor in July. The President admired the Land of festivals, and called the parade “awesome.”

The newspaper reported that Trump has the order in a Jan. 18 meeting with top generals.

Democrats in the Congress is also mobilizing against the idea. Democratic and Ruben Gallego of Arizona and Ted Lieu of California in a letter Wednesday, Mattis asked him to convince the President that the “frivolous, unnecessary exercise” might “harm America’s image.”

But Republicans have argued that this would be a parade with Americans, popular throughout the country.

“Ds and most of the media decry this, the rejection of the cost,” Ari Fleischer, the former White House press secretary under George W. Bush, tweeted on Wednesday. “If it happens, many Ds don’t like it, because it is militaristic. But most Americans eat it. They love the pomp and pride in the show of violence/honor the troops.”

Ds and most of the media condemn it, objecting to the cost. When it happens, many Ds don’t like it, because it is militaristic. But most Americans eat it. They love the pomp and pride in the show of violence/honor the troops.

— Ari Fleischer (@Arif If You) 6. February 2018

The last time a military parade marched in Washington, DC at the conclusion of the Gulf war in June 1991. The National victory celebration Parade, down Constitution Avenue, which allegedly cost more than $12 million.

Fox News’ Jenny Buchholz, Nicole, Darrah, and The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Alex Pappas is a political reporter at Follow him on Twitter at @Alex Pappas.

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