Days Without Meat: 65 addresses in order to good vegetarian food

How good is a vegetarian dish? You taste it in this 65 restaurants with an excellent vegetarian range.

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This week was the fifth edition of the Days Without Meat start. The aim of the action is to consider the impact of our eating habits on the environment and with as many people as possible for forty days the ecological footprint.

It is not an attempt to make the Flemish people to convert to vegetarianism, but rather an awareness campaign, life with less meat or fish on the board for everyone promoting, and at least it is worth a try.

Those who like outdoor dining, you can already visit one of these restaurants with a good vegetarian (or vegan) offerings. We grabbed earlier from the long list of addresses during the Veggieweek and in cooperation with npo EVA. The list is divided by province, and includes both gourmet restaurants as brasseries, bistros, lunchadressen, exotic restaurants and foodtrucks. It is a great selection from the large variety, there are of course more addresses with a good vegetarian card. Tasty.

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(v = 100 % vegetarian restaurants)


‘t Salty (Antwerp) – veggie menu on the map (michelin star restaurant)

Grain market 13 (Antwerp) – Veggie or vegan menu on request. Best groentekok 2014. Launched together with EVA Vegucation, the first vegetarian kookopleiding for professionals. (gourmet)

Bites & Wines (v) (Antwerpen) – Fully vegan restaurant with many gluten-free options. (brasserie)

Aahaar (v) (Indian, Antwerp) – Indian buffet restaurant. But you can also choose from dishes on the menu. Fantastic value for money.

Falafeltof (Middle East, Antwerp) – Delicious falafel and Approved by EVA.

Les saveurs de Yamada (Japanese), Antwerp (belgium) – Fine Japanese cuisine with a lot of good veggie options.

Lara cook for you (v) (Antwerpen) – Every day have other suggestions. Both to take with you when on the spot to eat.

Food full of Life (v) (Antwerpen) – Belgium’s first raw food restaurant. With, among other courgettespaghetti, pizza, and raw cheese cake on the map. Everything is 100% vegetable.

Brussels and Flemish-Brabant

Mycenae (Leuven) – Classic brasserie where they also original vegan and veggie dishes on the menu.

Le Chalet de la foret (Brussels) – good veggie or vegan menu on request (michelin star restaurant)

PLEASE/SVP (Brussels) – Always original veggie and vegan menu as possible. icipates at World Veggie Day with special menu. (gourmet)

Humus Botanical Gastronomy (v) (Jette) – Huiskamerresto of Nicolas Decloedt that the World Veggie Day dish invented (gourmet)

Bouchéry (Brussels) – participates at World Veggie Day with a special menu, vegan upon request. (gourmet)

La Buvette (Brussels) – Veggie and vegan available on request. (gourmet)

Café des spores (Brussels) – Veggie and vegan available on request. (gourmet)

Dolma (v) (Brussel) – Fully veggie restaurant in Ixelles.

Gazzetta (Brussels) – Always a veggie dish (tasty simple pasta) (brasserie)

Al Barmaki (Lebanon, Brussels) – Many veggie and vegan mezzes such as humus, baba ganoush, roasted cauliflower, tabbouleh, kaasflapjes, …

Ashok (Indian, Brussels)

Knees to Chin (Asian, Brussels)

Mo-Mo (Tibetan, Brussels)

Toukoul (Ethiopian, Brussels)

Loving Hut (v, Leuven, belgium) – Especially Asian-inspired dishes, but also burgers and desserts. Everything is 100% vegetable.

VegaVerso (v) (Leuven) – Vegan broodjesbar where you’ll also find cakes and tapas you can eat. In the weekends you can have brunch.

Poz bar (Brussels) – Lunchbar where you can eat veggie food.


The Hof van Cleve (Kruishoutem) – Veggie menu on the map (michelin star restaurant)

Hofke van basel (Basel) – Good veggie or vegan menu on request (michelin star restaurant)

Public (Ghent) good veggie or vegan menu on request (michelin star restaurant)

Praise (Ghent) – by Default, a few good veggie dishes and menu on the map below. Vegan on request. Approved by EVA label. (gourmet)

OAK (Ghent) – Veggie and vegan available on request. (gourmet)

Vitrine (Gent) – Veggie and vegan available on request. (gourmet)

Eat Love pizza (Gent) – Original pizzas of which there are a lot of veggie. (brasserie)

Multatuli Gent) – Classic brasserie with several veggie and vegan options on the map. Always a original veggie suggestion.

The South side (v) (Gent) – Beautiful, cozy restaurant with a large garden and every day is an original dish of the day and some hard food. (brasserie)

Silly season (v) (Gent) – Completely vegetable-based (vegan) buffet restaurant. (brasserie)

Innerkitchen (v) (Gent) – Do mainly catering, but also give a veggie buffet on Thursday (veggie day) and 1 time per month a sumptuous dinner. (brasserie)

The Walrus (Gent) – Cozy pub where, in addition to classics such as spaghetti bolognaise and croque monsieur each day with a veggie dish of the day can eat.

Lekker Gec (v, Ghent) – Fixed value in Gent. Buffet restaurant near the station Gent-Sint-Pieters.

Hot Falafel (Syrian, Ghent) – in Addition to falafel here you can find a lot of other veggie and vegan delights on the map. You can also have a veggie menu.

Bali (Indonesian, Wondelgem) – Veggie and vegan dishes on the menu, but you can also for the veggie menu.

The fat fryers (Gent) – Not only are the French fries in vegetable fat fried, you will also find a large assortment of vegan snacks such as beef stew, meatballs in tomato sauce and a lot of veggie burgers.

Local (v) (Gent) – Every week new suggestions. All with local and organic ingredients. (lunch and coffee house)

Le botaniste (v) (Gent) – New concept of Le Pain Quotidien with all dishes 100% plant based.

Zukini Salad bar (Gent) – You can here your own original salad together. Every day there is also vegan cakes and soup.

Pacha Mama (v) (Gent) – Classic veggie lunch restaurant.

Avalon (v) – One of the fixed values in Ghent. Every day an original lunch and 1 time per month also open in the evening for a gourmet dinner.

Moor & Moor (Ghent) – New store where you exclusively local products and where you every day can enjoy veggie sandwiches and soy lattes.

The Buffalo (Gent) – New pub where you in the afternoon a meal of the day can eat (both meat and veggie) and where in the evening a few veggie tapas on the menu.

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In the Wulf (Dranouter) – Good veggie or vegan menu on request (michelin star restaurant)

Hertog Jan (Bruges) – Good veggie or vegan menu on request (michelin star restaurant)

Souvenir (Ieper) – Veggie and vegan available on request. (gourmet)

Fire and Water (boat, Diksmuide) – One of the best restaurants to be veggie to eat in West-Flanders. Cosy framework. (brasserie)

Sassy’s (Oostende) – Original vegan pizzas, pastas and burgers. (brasserie)

Bhavani (Indian, Bruges) – The veggie menu is extensive and catered for.

deDingen (Kortrijk) – lunch and coffee bar which also participate in the Veggieweek and every day a vegan dish on the map. (lunch and coffee house)

Barlaban (Roeselare) – participates at World Veggie Day veggie dinner to be organised on 1 October.

Sweet nuts (Kortrijk) – Nice coffee shop that takes part in the Veggieweek and World Veggie Day. For a soy latte and a piece of vegan apple pie do you pay on 1 October, only 4 euros.



The Preuverie (Hasselt) – Original veggie menu.


Arabelle Meirlaen (huy) – Former Lafy Chef of the Year. Very good veggie or vegan menu on request (michelin star restaurant)


L’essentiel (Temploux) – Good veggie or vegan menu on request (michelin star restaurant)

Without a location (food trucks / fast food)

Foodstorms (v) – Completely vegetable-based vegan pop-up restaurant and caterer. (gourmet)

Greenway (v) (Gent, Antwerp and Leuven) – Doing in all the locations on World Veggie Day with free snacks.

Just Like Your Mom (v, food truck) – Burgers, wraps, cupcakes, brownies, salads. And everything is 100% vegetable.

The Loving Hut Express (v, food truck) – Noodles, burgers, soup, tiramisu, waffles. All vegan.

The Vexican (v, food truck) – Veggie versions of Mexican classics. Approved by EVA.

Tasty World (v, Ghent and Liège) – Large assortment of veggie burgers, fruit shakes and salads.

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