Daylight savings time is in Place, the clock is the first of a half-hour back

The clock starts this coming Sunday again, back in an hour. How do we get back into a normal rhythm? And why resist that we the clock at all?

“The hours of sleep that we get, it is not much of a problem. I think of the hours of sleep that we are in the spring, and to miss the bigger problem is,” says Bert van der Horst, professor of chronobiology and health at Erasmus MC.

But it also leads to the resetting of the clock to the disruption of the biological clock. And that may have an impact on health and productivity.

Think of the clock, ensure social jet lag

The clock object will lead to a so-called social jet lag, according to Van der Horst, the netherlands. “We have to be during the summer time en masse rather be woken up by the alarm clock that we set ourselves waking up with me. Because of this, we are missing it on a weekly basis all a number of hours of sleep at night. During the summer time, we will select it for an hour before getting up, and while we don’t usually for an hour before going to bed. The biological clock is not going at all. We know from research that such social jet lag, for instance, the risk of developing diabetes is increased. Also, to perform less.”

“If you see the clock in two steps, to restore, to make your life easier.”
Gerard Kerkhof, professor of psychophysiology at the University of Amsterdam, the

To get to the new rhythm and got used to the touch, it is, according to Gerard Kerkhof, professor of psychophysiology at the University of Amsterdam, it can be helpful to get the clock right back in an hour, but the first half an hour. “Most of the people do on a Sunday is of no use to the gears of the clock, and go on with what they are doing. But then, come Monday morning, the man with the hammer. If you have the clock in two steps, to restore, to make your life easier.”

Families with small children, recommends that the Cemetery is the same to it. “I would have been the signal to give them when they go to bed, and when to eat it.” Children in particular, the shift of the eetmoment, ” says Hoffman. “The fact that the internal rhythm is in the operation state, and have children before starving to death. The mealtimes all of which shift previous to the gears of the clock, helps children to more quickly have to get used to it.”

The EU wants to be in summer and winter, eliminate

Daylight saving time was first introduced in 1916. In 1946 it was found that system to be abolished, and then, in 1977, he was entered in. Within the European Commission, and it has been working for a number of years, strong and sound for the winter, and the daylight-saving time should be abolished.

In the EU countries considered are still at what time they want to use it. The states would have to actually be at the beginning of this year, and their choice is to be indicated. It has, however, been deferred until at least 2021, so there is even more research into the effects of the summer and the winter, it can be done.

“Our winter is just the time.”
Van der Horst, professor of chronobiology and health at Erasmus MC

“A good thing”, says Van der Horst. “We must not make a decision based on emotion, but on the basis of that knowledge. Daylight-saving time sound, although more cheerful than the winter, but our winter is just the time.”

In mid-October, the institute for public health and the report of the Standard time, daylight saving time, and health. From the literature survey, which was conducted on behalf of the federal ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, for the health, it is best to use a length of time, that corresponds to the natural day and night on the earth. And this is the time, in the winter time.

Van der Horst: “The report shows that, even if it would be better if we have another one-hour shift, according to the Uk time, or Greenwich mean time. The netherlands is geographically located in the time zone of around the prime meridian. The same is true for France, Belgium, and Spain.”

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