Davina Michelle: “Pink didn’t know how much of an impact she has had on me.”

Almost two years after, Davina Michelle, the song was recorded for Pink’s hit song ” What About Us, in case of the Dutch female singer of the supporting act for the concert of her idol, at the Malieveld, in The Hague, the netherlands. Davina Michelle was given the opportunity to have a Pink-to-meeting, and leave at night knowing that their example had not the slightest idea of what her career has meant.

Pinky worked for a year in 2017 along with a video of Glamour, in which she responds to people in her songs to cover. About Davina Michelle, ” she said, among other things, that the singer of the song is better performed than they themselves could ever hope to.

She also asked herself out loud, wondering whether the Dutch are already in a career, and plates, as well as abroad. When they learn that this is not the case, ” she said, “There should be then a quick change in the near future.”

Davina Michelle, who, on Friday her brand new single Better Now, it was, it was a chance to make up with Pink to talk about how her life has changed a lot since those videos. “They knew that the video was made, but she was not at all due to how much of an impact that has been in my life,” says the singer. She added that the Pink is said to be proud and to think that the Dutch themselves, for the success it has made. The Skyward singer called the gig as the opening act will be “very bold”, and says that she is completely overwhelmed by the laundry.

On Instagram, the singer is a picture of them next to the Pink is. In the caption, thanks to Pink, and concert organizer Mojo again.


Little finger, under the impression of a cover-Davina Michelle

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