Dave Mestdach about the winners of the Cannes 2016: ‘This has no-one seen it coming’

Our film critic Dave Mestdach looks back on the palmares of Cannes 2016: ‘No one could have seen coming. It seems like the judges too much of that silver spray from Mad Max have junk.’

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You Had this list of achievements is predicted?

DAVE MESTDACH: No, nobody. This year there are very unexpected and even completely unjustified winners emerged. Predict that Leicester City champion of England would be, was less far-fetched than the outcome. For a number of reasons. Not only aesthetic, or ideological.

Normally, a film in Cannes, a maximum of one prize to win, but The Salesman of Asghar Farhadi has this year, two have gotten. Please note, it is a fine movie, but two prizes to win, is not according to the book. In addition, there is also almost never shared prices, but this year have a Personal Shopper by Olivier Assayas and Bacalaureat of Christian Mungui however, both the prize for Best Director. In the case of Mungiu is that very to defend, by the way. In the case of Assayas, I put my joker in.

An even bigger surprise is the Grand Prix. That is this year to the kitschy and pathetic Juste La Fin Du Monde, Xavier Dolan has gone, while, who, together with Sean Penns The Last Face for me, not even in the league belonged to. Also Jaclyn Jose as best actress no one had seen it coming, been playing that at least in a good movie: Ma’Rosa Brillante Mendoza.

The only positive surprise is American Honey Andrea Arnold. That movie was mixed received, but he was energetic, original and intense. It is after Red Road and Fish Tank by the way is already the third time that Arnold the jury prize wins for her becoming the Raymond Poulidor of Cannes.

What do you think of the Golden Palm for Ken Loach?

MESTDACH: The Cannes film festival has a tradition of political choices. Last year won the vluchtelingendrama Dheepan, but that was definitely not the best movie. That was Carol, and Son of Saul. In this record you see that phenomenon again. Although the craftsmanship and the integrity of Ken Loach’s also now out of discussion, I find that I, Daniel Blake an exaggerated choice. Loach makes all of years of socially engaged cinema, and does it well. He has something relevants to say about the materialistic society in which we live. And I, Daniel Blake, is in and of itself, a sympathetic, justifiable movie, but it was certainly not the best of the league and certainly not Loach. But the man is now 79 years old, and he announced two years ago more or less saying goodbye, so this might be the last chance may have been to him in the flowers.

Who is missing there on the list of winners?

MESTDACH: The two big losers of the evening are Christian Mungui with the excellent Bacalaureat and the German comedy Toni Erdmann of Maren Ade. Mungiu wins or Best Director, but Bacalaureat was one of the biggest contenders for the Golden Palm. Toni Erdmann was the audience favorite and also received very good reviews. The film was the surprise of Cannes, but he is missing even at the full list of achievements. Also Elle, Paul Verhoeven, Paterson Jim Jarmusch, The Handmaiden of Park Chan Wook and The Neon Demon by Nicolas Winding Refn were all great movies, better than I, Daniel Blake, but also that fall nowhere in sight.

The film of the Dardenne brothers, finally, La Fille Inconnue, was moderately well received, but it was a little bit in the line of the expectations that Luc and Jean-Pierre no third Golden Palm would win.

How to look back at the film festival?

MESTDACH: Make no mistake: in the width taken, and despite the highly bizarre list of achievements was Cannes 2016 a great edition. Only Juste La Fin Du Monde, and The Last Face were so-called ‘turkeys’. Still, many people wonder what goes through the minds of the jury members voice when they are casting their vote. It seems like George Miller and his too much of that silver spray from Mad Max have junk. Here will certainly be still for a while to talk about it. Look: tastes vary, and if I have this list of achievements see, I think: fortunately. (EK)

Dave Mestdach, our filmman in Cannes, brings a daily report on the Croisette.

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