Dave Mestdach about the BBC’s 100 best films: ‘You know after a while if a film survives’

The editor of BBC Culture asked him in a survey of 177 film critics for their favourite films of the 21st century. The surreal thriller Mulholland Drive director David Lynch knew the first place to get hold of. “The best film of the last 16 years? That I dare to doubt’, is the response filmrecensent Dave Mestdach.

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Now, there is only one correct answer if you asked what the best movie of the current century is: David Lynch’s Mulholland Drive (2001). At least, that has a group of film critics in your place to decide. 177 experts from 36 different countries reviewed movies of the last sixteen years and were each given ten titles to indicate which they found that it was eligible for the desirable title.

Mulholland Drive tells the story of a woman who after a car accident her memory is lost and goes in search of her identity. After the surrealist film by David Lynch at number one, complete In The Mood For Love (2000) Wong Kar-wai and There Will Be Blood (2007) Paul Thomas Anderson the top three. The most successful directors of the last two decades, Wes Anderson, Apichatpong Weerasethakul, Christopher Nolan, Michael Haneke, Paul Thomas Anderson and the brothers Joel and Ethan Coen, each of the three movies in the list managed to get.


Knack Focus’ filmrecensent Dave Mestdach is some thoughts to the list. “It is a very good list, but what a little abstract, is that you have a list of the best films of the past sixteen years,” says Mestdach. ‘Usually you know only after a while or a movie survives.’

Mestdach is not totally convinced of the choice of the film critics. “I’m a huge Lynch fan and this is a very good film, but whether it’s the best of the last sixteen years? That I dare to doubt. It is not even the best film of David Lynch; he would not even in my top five of him.”

“There are also some interesting directors that the list didn’t make, such as, for example, Ulrich Seidl. Also our compatriot, Chantal Akerman is missing, although her best work, especially from the seventies dates.’

About the position of the Flemish film industry says Mestdach the following: “What that represents, you see by that what a list says. We have a lot of progress made in the last few years, both in terms of quality and progression, but cross says that not very much in comparison with all other productions – which of course makes sense.’

Recent memory

‘Often, in the determination of the best films and very far in the past looked at’, gave Matthew Anderson of BBC Culture as the reason for the study. “But we wanted the best films of the recent memory to know. These are the films that people have the best feel. We hope that the list discussions and debates can generate. Not only by critics and film buffs, but to anyone who likes watching movies and can tell why they are good or bad according to them.’

In the list of both film classic à la Brokeback Mountain (39), as animated films like WALL-E (29). The full top one hundred you can find on the site of BBC.


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