Daughter Dev had blood clots in her lungs

Daughter Dev had blood clots in her lungs

The combination of a double pneumonia and a pulmonary embolism of the ten-year-old daughter of Dev Paton made that her body was getting weaker.

Doctors at the intensive care foreign matter in the rechterlong of Beautifull. They had never seen such a large blood clot seen in a child of ten, says Paton Monday in an interview in the AD. “The worst came. Already, she got the maximum amount of oxygen, her body was not enough and went backwards.”

“I’m very direct, I also want the people against me directly. When you use the word death or cancer should use, do that then,” continues Paton. At her urging, answered the physician, that the ‘a’ team with their backs against the wall was’. There had to be something of the blood clot to be scraped otherwise it was Beautiful ‘at the end of the day death’.

There was also the risk that if something was hit, Beautifull death could bleeding because they have a lot of blood thinners administered had been given. “We had family calling, because the opportunity was so large that the error would go,” says the singer. “I must survive. I must remain strong for as long as she lives. When she put her to the operating room with them, I had to cry very loudly. What if they can’t make it? What then?”

“The surgery worked, it then started to slowly get better with her. I could not be happy. I dared not yet, maybe to protect myself. It continued to go better. She was the ventilator. Scary, because what if she would fall?”


Is now a Beautiful home again. “She has a lot of care is needed,” says Paton. “And it is still not over. Her body should that pulmonary embolism itself clean with the help of the blood thinners. But she is still there, happy.”

Paton reported in October that the daughter Beautiful Hope in the intensive care unit with pneumonia. Her condition had deteriorated after ten days of high fever. Therefore, she had to hurry to another hospital.

Hair is for Paton, who, in 2006, the third season of Idols on her name, wrote her debut as musicalzangeres. She played the role of June.

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