Dateless teen takes prom photos with ‘suave’ grandfather: “I knew he would come through for me”

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California teen Kaylah Bell and her grandfather, Alvin Hackett speaking on ‘Fox & Friends’ at the prom photos that went viral.

A California teen prom photos have taken social media by storm thanks to the handsome date who accompanied her for the classic photo-on — her grandfather.

Earlier this week, a Lancaster High School student Kaylah Bell took to Twitter to share the images of herself and her guest of honor, in a message that has already massively viral with over 107,000 likes and 12,000 shares.


“It was really hard for me to find a date,” Bell, 17, told “Fox & Friends” on Monday. “It was a very, very, very, very, very long process, because everyone kept flaking on me,” she added.

Not wanting to snap her pre-prom pics only, Bell turned to her grandfather, 67-year-old Alvin Hackett, for support.

“I asked my grandfather to take pictures with me, because I knew that he has never had a gala, and he has not experienced getting dressed up and buying a corsage and all of that,” Bell told Fox News in an earlier interview. “I also know how well he dresses every Sunday to go to church,” she said, adding that her grandfather is the pastor of his own church.

“I knew he would come through for me. So I asked him, and he said he would do it. He came to my house, with the whole suit on,” the 17-year-old student said.
(Kaylah Bell)

Hackett, meanwhile, claimed he didn’t even need to buy a new stitch of clothing, as he already had a set of matching clothes in his closet.

“I knew that the colors she wore, so I match the colors,” said Hackett, during the “Fox & Friends.”


Although Hackett could not accompany, Call to the actual prom, if the age is 21 – he did drive Her to the location and posed for more photos, Fox 29 reported.

Predictably, upon arrival, the two stole the show. Bell wore a beautiful full-skirted purple, pink and blue gown – bright accented with a royal cape while Hackett was brave in a free navy pinstriped suit and a pink shirt and tie combo. Of course, in the right prom tradition, the couple also exchanged a corsage and boutonniere.

“To be honest, I don’t think [my friends] expect something different from me, because I talk about [my grandfather] all the time,” she said.

“I asked my grandfather to take pictures with me, because I knew that he has never had a gala, and he has not experienced getting dressed up and buying a corsage and all of that,” Bell told Fox News.
(Kaylah Bell)

As she enjoys the end of her last year and prepares to head to Azusa Pacific University in the fall, Bell said that she will always cherish the “happy memory” of taking prom pics with her special grandfather.

Twitter users, meanwhile largely went wild for the cute – and apparently relatable story.

“Girl,” a fan wrote, sharing what she claimed to a photo of themselves in the same situation in 2012.

“I’ll tell you one day when she settled with her husband or not, she will not regret not taking her Father. This will always fill her heart with joy, when he’s not around,” another commenter exclaimed. “I love my Daddy so much I know she will always appreciate this time so these other dudes don’t matter.”

“To be honest, the only men who deserve us,” a agreed.


Others, meanwhile, gave Hackett a well-deserved shout out.

“We should all strive to be this suave,” said someone.

“That’s what Paw paw’s do it! By,” another chimed in.

“That is the best man that ever thought possible,” another professed.

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