Data of 100,000 Dutch leaserijders clear by datalek

Data of 100,000 Dutch leaserijders clear by datalek

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A datalek in company CarWise ICT has ensured that the data of thousands of leaserijders in the Netherlands were accessible.

That discovered the security company ESET, confirms director Dave Maas after news of the AD.

The leak was present in the software LeaseWise, which is by 52 Dutch leasing companies is used. These parties share a database, where others leak also had access to.

In the leaked data, the addresses, leases and fines of leaserijders. Also state the mileage of cars in the database.

Out of ethical considerations, ESET only the data of one medium-sized leasing company viewed. It came to dates about 3400 customers. Maas estimates that there are at all companies together, certainly hundreds of thousands of customers are affected, but according to him, would that also be more.

Lek poem

LeaseWise says that the leak within 24 hours is poem, after ESET last week, a report did. It is not known whether there is time for that abuse of the vulnerability.

Insurance vehicle crime (VbV) says to be shocked by the poor security of the company. According to VbV-director Verkerk would the list be ideal for criminals because they can see where exactly which car to the door. “With such data breaches you make it for crooks easy shopping”.

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