Data from another 20.000 leaserijders clear after leak

Data from another 20.000 leaserijders clear after leak

For the second time in a month time, the information of thousands of leaserijders on the street, this time by an error in the site of the lender AutoCash.

That discovered RTL Z after a tip from someone that the leak months ago at AutoCash has been reported, without success. By the leak were private information as, name, address, monthly salary, housing and bank account number of leaserijders to see.

Via the AutoCash offer about 80 car dealers lease plans and loans to people who buy a car. AutoCash is part of Volkswagen Pon Financial Services, a shared financial company of Volkswagen the Netherlands and car dealer Pon.

But not only the information of AutoDeal customers were insightful. In the database, there was also information from people who have only a credit application have submitted to AutoCash.

Lek poem

RTL Z has the data of at least four hundred people accessed, and that information for some of the affected clients checked. After the announcement of the news site at AutoCash, is the datalek poem. Also is the leak in line with the rules reported to the Authority Personal data.

The company says at RTL Z that at this moment there ‘no reason to believe that customer data is not safe should have been. According to AutoCash were by the leak of data from 20,000 people to see.

Earlier this month, a datalek in company CarWise ICT ensure that the data of 100,000 leaserijders in the Netherlands were in to see. That leak was 24, after notification of security company ESET poem.

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