Darryl King is still a sorry joke pedoseksueel, Robert M.

Darryl King is still a sorry joke pedoseksueel, Robert M.

Darryl King, still has to regret the joke about the condemned pedoseksueel, Robert M., of which he is, in 2012, The World is made, ” he says in an interview published in a Dutch edition of Playboy magazine.

The comedian took a long time, the week before the program. In one of the broadcasts, he tried to make a joke about mr. M., who, in 2013, to eighteen years in prison and detention has been convicted for abusing 67 very young children.

“I was telling you about, Robert M., and I was wondering if that will be a process of years to earn it. In my eindgrap I told you that pedophilia is mostly about the girls of fourteen years of age, and eight, and for babies of two months old. If you’re out there and if, say, a pedophile for another three months, I was just being a pregnant woman to the fingers. That being said, I watch tv for one and a half million people.”

According to King, looked at his father and mother went to the live show, and they fell quiet after that the specific in-joke had been made. That’s what happened in the studio. “That’s quite a deep drop. Then I looked at my Twitter, and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. However, according to my friend, I will come to be so self-confident and fails to appearance all over at the tv, I have some people to call.”

According to King, it was not the only time that he’s on Twitter a lot of hateful comments was: “I was one of the first comic that is in The World is stand-up comedy work, and it’s really amazing how much I’m yelled at.”

The king is currently in the process of completing its year-old conference, which will be on the 31st of december, to the 20.30 hours, will be broadcast on RTL-4.

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