Danny de Munk says never more to return as Ciske the Rat

Danny de Munk says never more to return as Ciske the Rat

Photo: Hollandse Hoogte

The last performance of the musical about Ciske the Rat is coming Sunday. Danny de Munk says that that day was the last time that he was in a musical about Ciske plays.

“I can well imagine that they have the musical in the future again in reprise are going to take,” says the actor. “But then I sit on row 1. It’s really been lovely.” Countdown to the last show, The Munk. “I’m not a person who counts down. I live in the now. All people ask me that question now.”

After 35 years, a film and two musicalversies dare the 47-year-old singer to recognize what an impact his Ciske the Rat has had. “It is unique that a fictional character is so wide and so long embraced,” he says. “There were the recent tour of four generations in the room: grandma and grandpa’s, parents, children, and grandchildren. That is really not self-evident.”

The power of the trilogy of writer Piet Bakker is according to the protagonist that the story is timeless. “Ciske was a forgotten child, and we have unfortunately still far too many,” sighs The Munk. “You don’t have the news but to read, and you see them passing by. And the moral of the piece is recognizable to everyone: the dime that through very hard work, a quarter are trying to be. That I recognize myself also still. In this box is nothing for me to come into.”


Whether he himself was ever a book to write about his experiences with Ciske? He laughs. “That I would only do at the end of my career, and I’m still not. Moreover, I am not an artist who likes all the dirty laundry outside depends. Of course, I know the ropes, and offers that substance for plenty of juicy stories. But I keep it rather positive: people should judge me on my work, not on that kind of issues.”

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