Danny de Munk is a target and is going back to its roots

Danny de Munk blow on Wednesday, fifty years of. it gives an insight into the life and work of the well-known singer and actor, whose career, almost forty years have yet to be made.

As you say, Danny de Munk, is how you say ” Ciske de Rat. These two names are inextricably tied up with each other.

The success of this role that the young people of The Munk is quite different than that of their peers. “The scenes that I’ve seen…,” he recalls in a conversation with the Beau Monde.

“Last time I compared someone’s hysteria when I was a young boy who, with that are about Justin Bieber right now. My kids think that I have a heavy barrel on it to create it, but it was true.”

Cast for the role of Ciske de Rat

It all starts with The Munk when he, as a twelve-year-old little boy who is cast in the role of Amsterdam the little street tough Ciske, according to the same-named character in the trilogy by author Piet Bakker.

As Ciske the Rat 1984, the cinema displays), the film has more than two million people. In addition, The Munk singing, I just feel so god damn alone, the best-selling song of that year.

Video –Review De Munk in Ciske de Rat (1984

After his breakthrough in the film Ciske de Rat, the young and The Munk continues as a singer and as an actor. Because Munk is still a minor, it is important to note the health and safety inspectorate is well on the number of appearances that he gives up. However, a number of singles, followed by the first -, second-and third-album.

In 2007, the creeps, The Munk again in the role of Ciske, but he is on the boards, as the grown-Ciske. The musical attracts a 2.5 year theaters and the winner of seven Musical Awards.

After the musical, 2016, and 2017 for a second tour of theatres has been created, take The Munk retired from the role. He says that it is good to be able to imagine the musical to be later re-used. “But then, I’m in row 1. It’s really nice here.”

Danny meets Jenny

In 1991, it breaks an important time for Munk when he is in the role of Marius in the musical Les Misérables performs. It will be so well-received that he was then, twelve in leading roles in several Dutch productions, to get.

For example, he was in Blood Brothers, Titanic, The Lion King, and, of course, Ciske de Rat. However, The Munks the game will not be limited to, the boards, and he also plays in the tv series as Leave it to sit and the women’s unit.

Not only on a professional level in the well with the musical star, also, on a personal level, it changes quite a bit, in a positive way. So, he met in 1990, Jenny Sluyter, who is the woman of his life, said. And the woman with whom he was, in 1997, was married to and later, have two children: Bo and Jack.

1997 was also the year in which he was in the movie, the All Stars will play the role of a Girl playing a guy out of a group of footballing friends. The same role he played again in 2011, if there is one in the same-named tv show based on follow-up movie is released.

Danny, Jenny de Munk and their children in 2016). (Foto: BrunoPress)

Dancing on the pool table

The Munk reached in 2007, with a milestone; it is over 25 years of experience in the field. The singer is celebrating his anniversary with a concert at the Ahoy. Together with his father, he sings a Duo with The Munk-medley.

2007 was also the year in which the family and The Munk with the reallifesoap ” Danny & Jenny de Munk on a weekly basis, more than one million Dutch homes is to be seen. The plot revolves around the preparation of the new song on the opening night of the musical ‘ Ciske de Rat.

However, the singer is not only busy with his job and his family, and in 2008 he received a medal he received for his efforts as an ambassador for the Sunflower, which is an organization that is committed to the well-being of the sick, the elderly, and people with disabilities. He should have at that time a Knight of the Order of Orange-Nassau to name a few.

André Hazes is a great example

In 2012, The Munk again for thirty years he has been working as an artist, he has been playing the role of Jesus in the paasspektakel The Passion. Since 2015 is the singer of each of the years in the Holland sings Hazes at Ziggo Dome. One of the times he brings the track To, well, come back home to sing a song that he, at the age of fifteen, together with him in the Cockpit and sang.

The cockpit is large, for example, “At my first show, I was about twelve years old, I sang, his song A little bit in love with. I didn’t win, but I knew then and there that I was on the stage and wanted to stand up”, is to be found on the website of the Holland sings Hazes.

In the years that followed, The Munk of new music, and he is, as I said earlier, the parting of Ciske de Rat. After the end of the show, which will take place in the nieuwe de la mar Theater in Amsterdam, in The Munk out of gratitude for the “tremendous achievement” won the Musical Award for best musical, to take home with them.

Recently, make that the lead singer, announced that he is once again in the us want to go to them). At The Moment, he says, “I’m going to go back to my roots. Sing with the long name. That bógen. That meegalmen.” After a big gulp of breath, “Did I, but someone has to be hóóóuwe… “

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