Daddy and newborn refused by the airline to be saved by the Good Samaritan

A hospital volunteer agreed home of a man and his four-day-old daughter after Frontier Airlines said the child was too young to fly.

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A woman who is a Good Samaritan saved the day after an Ohio father was left stranded at an Arizona airport, his newborn daughter, because Frontier Airlines deemed her too young to fly.

Rubin Swift was planning to fly back to his home in Cleveland, Ohio after the date of grant of custody of his daughter, Ru-Andria, AZ Family reports.

Swift says he was in contact with Frontier to inquire about what he needs to fly with his baby. The airline reportedly told him a birth certificate and a note from the hospital clearing her to fly. Swift told AZ Family, he acquired the documentation and then went to the airport with his daughter to their airfare.


However, as soon as Swift reached the gate, airline crew members would not let him board with Ru-Andria. Frontier policy bars children less than seven days old to fly.

“I asked for my money. She said that it would take seven days to get your money back,” Swift told AZ Family.

Swift says that he was left without enough money to get a place to stay overnight, or rent a car to drive them back to Ohio. Swift was stranded with his newborn until he remembered one volunteer, Joy Ringhofer, who he had met at the Banner Medical Center, while his daughter was in the NICU.

“I was rocking [Ru-Andria] when her father came in and we kind of made a connection’, Ringhofer said meeting of Swift in the hospital.

Swift said that he made the call to Ringhofer looking for help, but was taken back by her response.

“I had not expected her to say, ‘I come to you and take you home.’ So, I think, ‘will They drive me back to Cleveland,” but she brought me to her house and feed me and ensure my baby is well,” Swift said to AZ Central.

Frontier Airlines said its policy bars children under the age of seven days old to fly.


Swift said Ringhofer let the two stay there until his daughter was seven days old and are able to board the flight back to Ohio.

“I felt so strongly that I needed to do this for him,” said Ringhofer. “I know, he was a kind and safe man to have in my house and he has a perfect gentleman.”

“We are two different colors and she opened her door and it is never a problem,” says Swift. “My color was never a problem. She loves my baby. She loved her. My baby was with her the whole night. Who does that?”


Swift said that he began to call Ringhofer the grandmother of his daughter and is planning a trip back to Arizona, so Ru-Andria can visit her.

“He promised to come back and visit me, and let me see her again,” said Ringhofer. “I look forward to it.”

Swift and his daughter, left on Tuesday on a Frontier Airlines flight.

Frontier Airlines told AZ Family, “To meet the Border policy of the age of the travel infants these passengers were rebooked on a Frontier flight department on March 20. We have also waived any change fees associated with this amendment so that the traveller can travel in accordance with our policy.”

Alexandra Deabler is a Lifestyle writer and editor for Fox News.

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