Dad trolls baby worst Christmas gifts ever, and gets a shocking response

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This guy is very good when it comes to receiving gifts.

As a young father just wanted to see what would happen if he used his new-born daughter, “is the worst christmas present he could think of. Surprisingly, instead of crying, the toddler, the girl responded, in a very special way.

Twitter user LGNDFRVER, identified as a Justice of Mojica by USA Today, recently posted video of his daughter opening her gift. He captioned the pictures, “I have been trying to get my daughter to make the worst X-mas gift ever, and I didn’t expect this reaction.”

Apparently, Mojica decided that the banana was the “worst” Christmas gift. Surprisingly, it was his daughter’s, and, based on her comment, and a banana may be the best christmas present ever.

Twitter users were very pleased with the little girl’s response to the receiving of the fruits and vegetables.

One user said: “When I was a young boy, about her age, I think I liked bananas so much that my parents put in my stocking from Santa. And it was great. It’s so cute.”

Another user has shared a similar experience, writing, “My dad did the same thing with the oranges! He was and continues to be.”


As a user, and a more philosophical approach, writing, “in The spirit of a child is priceless and beautiful. Don’t know how the creation fit in with them, they just know how to model, good luck. Happiness is free of charge, and it is. No matter what, always find happiness in what you have, until you have everything you need to know.”

“However, the child the gratitude and the excitement is the greatest gift we could ask for!”, wrote another user.


Well, obviously, this is not all that uncommon, as one father wrote, “One of the big surprises of the question, for me, is the fact that children are actually not toys, they are like opening presents.”

Of course, as a user pointed out that the bananas have made headlines in recent times, writing, “The world would have a similar reaction to this is bananas,” along with a picture of a banana and duct tape it on a wall at the Art Basel display, which sold for $120,000.

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