DACA heads to the Supreme court, and all eyes are on Chief Justice John Roberts

in the vicinityVideoUS Supreme Court to hear DACA arguments Tuesday

The President under an executive order signed to end DACA in the year 2017, as he believes, it is the President “extraordinary powers gives”.

The Supreme court is set on Tuesday, the trump administration say plan to end protection, shield about 660,000 immigrants from deportation, and the lawyers, that all eyes will be on the likely “tie-breaker” Chief Justice John Roberts.


Created under an Obama-era executive order, IF there is some undocumented immigrants brought to the U.S. as children receive the opportunity for a renewable period of two years of deferred action from deportation and eligible for work permits.

Legal experts have looked back at Roberts’ June vote, blocked a citizenship question on the census, in 2020. The Trump administration claimed that Americans have the right to know who is illegally in the country.

“So important for our country that the very simple and basic “Are you a citizen of the United States?” Question allowed to be asked in the census in 2020,” Trump tweeted at the time.

Critics said the question would be preventing illegal immigrants from participating. Census totals to determine congressional seats, and political boundaries.

Linda greenhouse, a New York Times columnist who focuses on the Supreme Court, wrote last week that the Parallels between the census’s case, and DACA exactly, “but they are striking.”

You wrote, that Roberts called, the Commerce Department, the requirement in the case of “invented.”

The Department claimed that the question needed to contain, so the justice Department could do better job enforcing the Voting Rights Act. The greenhouse, said Roberts’ opinion, “made it clear that the court turned to process, not substance.”

Agencies are required to offer “real reasons for important decisions, the reasons can be examined by the courts, and interested members of the public,” he wrote, according to the times. “The adoption of the trumped-up reasons, would defeat the purpose of the company.”

The Los Angeles Times reported on Monday that the dreamers’ “depends on the best hope for the victory almost sure of it,” Roberts. CNN reported that lawyers have created your argument is an appeal to justice: Roberts.

But the L. A. Times noted that Roberts wrote in the travel-ban-ruling that the state monitors the chief executive of immigration enforcement. Roberts also handed over, two more immigration, the administration wins.

The court sided with President Trump, so that he in the enforcement of the travel ban for visitors from some Muslim-majority countries, and Roberts voted for Trump relocation of U.S. military dollars for the financing of the wall.

Janet Napolitano, the University of California, President, has served as Obama’s homeland security secretary, when DACA was created, said, to recognize the government seems to be that the ending DACA would be the protection of unpopular.

“And so, perhaps, you think, to do it better, ordered by the court, in contrast, to do it correctly on their own,” Napolitano said in an interview with The Associated Press. She is a named plaintiff in the litigation.


Trump has said, to enforce a judgment in its favor Democrats would be back to the table, and a “non-partisan offer to be made to the benefit of all.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report

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