Customers KPN and Vodafone may phone to use as the ov-chipkaart

Customers KPN and Vodafone may phone to use as the ov-chipkaart

Photo: Vodafone

Customers KPN and Vodafone may, as from Monday their Android device to check in the public transport. The ov-chipkaart can they leave it at home.

The public transport operators, KPN, Vodafone and ov-chipkaartmaker Translink worked the last few years, together with a limited trial with mobile check-in. Starting Monday, all Android users of Vodafone, KPN and KPN-daughters Simyo, Yes Telecom and Telfort the ability to use.

To a Android device as a transport ticket, users must log on to Then ka a digital ov-chipkaart be installed on an encrypted part of the sim card.

The provider has therefore no in the traveling information of users. Vodafone customers should install the app via the Vodafone Wallet app, KPN-customers need the ov-chipmobiel app. Users of other providers can the service do not currently use, the providers are required to have a cooperation with Translink enter into.

Check-in as normal

Once installed and activated, works travel with a smartphone the same as traveling with a regular ov-chipkaart. Users like the back of their phone against incheckpalen or gates at railway stations and travel like they used to.

At check-in with their smartphone to pay customers full price, and can auto-recharge will be enabled. Leeftijdskorting is already available, other plans and trajectkaarten can in a later stage the mobile ov-chipkaart can be added.

Through the accompanying app, customers can their current balance, view their last ten trips to see and they get a notification if they forget to check-out.

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