Curfew in effect in flood-ravaged Houston

Curfew in effect in flood-ravaged Houston

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The local government has in the U.s. city of Houston a curfew from midnight until at least 05.00 hours local time.

That has the mayor of Houston, Sylvester Turner on Tuesday to let you know. Residents shall be allowed from midnight is not more on the street show for the public safety to continue to guarantee. The government wants to prevent looting arise or that people perish by the still rising water. “The noodbevel remains in force until it is no longer necessary,” says Turner.

Earlier, it was the message that the curfew to 22: 00 would go in, but the time is rescheduled, so that volunteers are able to work longer stay.

The American president Donald Trump spent Tuesday a visit to areas in Texas that have been hard hit by hurricane Harvey. He said, in cooperation with the U.s. Congress to ensure that appropriate assistance is concluded.

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Background: Why are the effects of hurricane Harvey so great?

Trump first attended Corpus Christi, the town where Harvey Saturday land. Then he went to Austin, where the crisis centre of the governor is furnished. Because Houston is largely inaccessible, was that city not on the route.

The American president showed victims of the disaster to know the relief faster going to want to put than in the past. In 2005, then-president George W. Bush fiercely criticized due to the fact that his government was not prepared for the consequences of hurricane Katrina.

The American congressmen, the victims of the tropical storm Harvey, which Texas badly affected the financial help promised. Trump talks about “an expensive operation”, but expected with the right solution will come. The expectations are that the financial disaster as a result of Harvey the record figures of hurricane Katrina in 2005 are going to surpass them.


Trump praises resilience Texans during visit to disaster zone


Harvey has according to the authorities, in the meantime, eleven people killed. Tuesday, it was announced that a 60-year-old police officer from Houston is drowned when he Sunday with the car to go to work, wanted to drive.

As a result of the recordregens of the last days are now tens of thousands of people in Houston were evacuated, and the expectation is that this number will continue to rise. Around ten thousand people in Houston a safe refuge sought in a convention center, a part thereof is transferred to a different shelter. There is currently a shelter for about 19,000 people in the city.

The authorities have so far 3,500 people were saved from the floods. The gouvermeur of Texas has the entire National Guard of the state, with 12,000 members, called in to assist with the evacuations.

Chemical plant

All citizens residing in a radius of 2.4 km from a chemical factory in the southwest of the U.s. state of Texas to live, to be evacuated. The power is out as a result of Harvey. Also, the backup generators will not operate, that are flooded.

The central state in the place Crosby. A few hours earlier was the existing personnel already evacuated, due to the increased risk of an explosion. The plant of the French multinational Arkema focuses on the production of high quality chemicals.

Flooding in Houston after hurricane Harvey

Residents of Houston to leave running the city, looking for a safe shelter.

Residents of Houston to be with their baby of three weeks old, rescued from their house.

Monday is a total of twenty thousand people were rescued by the authorities.

About three thousand reservists have been called to the rescue to assist in the solving of emergencies and for the evacuation of people in the triangle of Houston, Victoria and Corpus Christi.
© Harvey, Houston

In parts of Houston is in 48 hours time 76 inches of rain fell, reports the National Weather Service. There is still certainly a same amount of rest.

So far, there are two fatalities reported.

The American president Donald Trump brings Tuesday a visit to Texas for the disastrous consequences of Harvey to behold.

So far, there are already only in and around Houston for more than a thousand people are saved. They had taken refuge on the roofs of cars and houses.

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