Cruz bill would pay for the use of the Iran sanctions money for the downed U.S. drone

nearvideo President Trump ratchets up economic pressure on Iran with new sanctions

US proposes drone new sanctions against the Islamic Republic after the shooting down of an American military; chief White House correspondent John Roberts reports.

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, filed legislation Monday that would take hundreds of millions of dollars of frozen Iranian accounts and use them to offset the cost of an American military drone was shot down by Tehran in the past week.

The proposal was first reported by the Washington Free Beacon, it would be necessary to judge the Trump administration, the cost of the drone, which was believed to be between $120 million and $220 million.

The legislation was made public hours after President Trump signed an executive order restricting the access of Iran’s Supreme leader Ali Khamenei and senior military officials, the financial resources and blocks your access to all financial assets under the US jurisdiction. The Minister of Finance of Steve Mnuchin, said that the new sanctions mean the United States has “literally dozens and dozens of billions of dollars locked up.”


The United States has said, the Navy RQ-4A Global Hawk space over the Strait of Hormuz last week, was shot down in international air. Iran has claimed that the plane was the violation of Iranian airspace and the country’s naval commander has warned that the Iranian armed forces would not hesitate to have again to act and shoot more drones in violation of the Iranian airspace.


Fox News has also learned on Monday that the U.S. military carried out a cyberattack against Iran last Thursday, as trump decided against the implementation of the plans for air attacks. Sources told Fox News that the U.S. Cyber Command launched, the cyberattack orientation of the Iranian used intelligence and radar equipment to down the drone.

Fox News has also learned of Iran, shut off some of its military radar-sides around the time the United States was ready to launch retaliatory strikes. It was not clear whether those radar sites were cyberattack turned off, or if Iran off intentionally in anticipation of this.

Fox News’ Guerin Hays, Lucas Tomlinson and The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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