Cruisecollectie Louis Vuitton 2018: a tribute to traditional Japan

At the beginning of november is the cruisecollectie of Louis Vuitton in the store. The show was last may all take place in Kyoto. An homage to the traditional Japan and a local modeheld: Kansai Yamamoto.

Rila Fukushima, known for her role in The Wolverine, opened the final of the Japanese-inspired parade. © .

Louis Vuitton knows how to celebrate. For the opening of a 1400 square meter large new flagship on the corner of Place Vendome and rue de Rivoli earlier this month, treated the French luxury house, the guests of the show the day after on the champagne, snacks and a concert of world star Will Smith and his sidekick Jazzy Jeff. But that was nothing in comparison with the three-day celebrations that Vuitton the beginning of may in Kyoto, Japan, organized for the presentation of his cruisecollectie. On the agenda: among other things, a night out with the geisha in Shimbashi Street, in the heart of Kyoto’s medieval district. Vuitton privatiseerde for the occasion, and for the first time in the history of the city, the street and fifteen of its historic restaurants. The day before they also took all three temples for a relaxing dinner, including the prestigious temple of Sennyu-ji temple, which emperor royal highness akihito often visits and that had never been opened to the public.

Left: the logos on the Vuitton bag are designed by Kansai Yamamoto. Middle and right: plenty of Japanese elements in the collection. © .

The highlight of the three day and the reason why in addition to the international fashion press also actresses like Michelle Williams, Jennifer Connelly and Isabelle Huppert to Japan went, it was the parade in the Miho Museum. The museum, located in the mountains of Shigaraki about an hour away from Kyoto, is the work of architect I. M. Pei, who is also the pyramid of the Louvre in Paris has designed, wherever Vuitton his last prêt-à-portershows loved. Nicolas Ghesquière, artistic director of Vuitton, clearly has a weakness for strong architecture. The Miho Museum is a good successor for the Bob and Dolores Hope Estate of architect John Lautner for the cruise 2015 in Palm Springs, and the Niteroi Contemporary Art Museum by Oscar Niemeyer last year in Brazil. The museum must Peace version of the Shangri-La, a mythical heaven on earth from the book Lost Horizon by English writer James Hilton, and is only accessible via a tunnel through the mountains and a huge bridge over the valley. The way to get there is also part of the charm, like you’re from a different dimension enters.

© .

“I visited the Miho Museum a few years ago and was fascinated by the way I. M Pei harmony between architecture and nature,” said Nicolas Ghesquière advance. ‘Japan is a country that I know well. It was one of the first countries where I have been twenty years ago already going traveled if my inspiration was looking for, and I am since a frequent visitor. It has always amazed me how they succeed to the heritage and history of the country to preserve and celebrate and at the same time to look to the future. It is very technological and modern. This collection is the culmination of what Japan me all the time. It was a challenge to my love for the country to express in one collection. Therefore, it is also the largest collection that I for Vuitton designed.”

Local modeheld

If the decor is impressive, you run the risk that the clothes overshadowed. But the collection did more than stand. Ghesquière brought not only a tribute to the host country, he also managed to the young, ‘tough grieten’-aesthetic that he has since his hiring in 2013, indicating, force.

The Japanese actress Rila Fukushima, known for her role in The Wolverine, opened the show in a patchworkjasje of fur on an oversized striped cotton shirt and white boots. “A few years ago I saw the film Stray Cat Rock on female bikers in the Tokyo of the seventies’, told Ghesquière after the show on the terrace of the museum. “I remember that I was so surprised by those characters, that I’m in my first silhouettes on them have based.’

© .

What followed was a collection full of references to the traditional Japan: striking-drawn eyebrows and handbags decorated with kabuki masks, figurative carvings as prints and evening gowns in No-theater-gold woven jersey and leather sweaters as a reference to the Japanese samoeraistrijders. “Every cruisecollectie is a discovery and a game to the culture of the country that we visit to combine with a vision that is very French,” said the designer.

In addition to the traditional Japan, there was also a fashion designer Kansai Yamamoto central in the collection. Yamamoto, who was also present at the show, paved the way for a whole generation of Japanese designers in Paris, but is especially known for the costumes he made for David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust and Aladdin Sane tours designed. “I wanted to be a joyful vision of Japan,” said Ghesquière, ” and Yamamoto is that vision. He has fantastic costumes for Bowie, but he was also the first Japanese in Paris showed. It seemed to me interesting to celebrate this, and to ask him to some things for this collection to design.’

big in japan

Not only the love of Nicolas Ghesquière for Japan brought the Vuitton-caravan to the land of the rising sun. The brand has since the end of the nineteenth century a strong bond with Japan, and refers to the Japanese mon, the emblems to a familieschild to indicate, as inspiration for his monogram. The first store of Vuitton in Tokyo opened in 1978. And then there are also the collaborations with Japanese artists and designers such as Takashi Murakami, Yayoi Kusama, and Rei Kawakubo and Hiroshi Fujiwara.

The location: the Miho Museum, only accessible via a huge suspension bridge over the valley.

Japan is also a growing market and an attractive destination for customers from the neighboring countries, says Michael Burke, chairman and CEO of Louis Vuitton. “This is first and foremost an event for customers, “said Burke in the fashion Women’s Wear Daily. “A reason why we Japan have chosen for this show, is that everyone – the Chinese, Taiwanese and Indonesians – today to Japan to travel. That is a big difference with a few years ago, when nobody wanted to.’

According to Burke does Vuitton the better in Japan than other major luxury brands, a result of their continued presence in the country, with approximately fifty shops and a focus on the local customer, not dependent on the fluctuating tourism. “We have been here for a long time and we will be here for a long time remain, regardless of whether the good or bad times. We have continued to invest, even after the onset of the crisis. We open and reopen and renovate approximately eight stores per year in Japan.”

What is a cruisecollectie?

An extra collection to be released in the middle of the season, between the semi-annual hoofdcollecties in: spring/summer and autumn/winter. Originally designed for the jetsetklant, who throughout the year to other climates travels. A selection of the cruisecollectie 2018 of Louis Vuitton is situated at the beginning of november in the shop and in Belgium, sold in the establishment on the boulevard De waterloo in Brussels. The accessories are also sold in the store in Knokke.

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