Cruise ship aground for the coast of Norway due to low smeeroliepeil

The cruise ship Viking Sky ran aground last weekend off the coast of Norway because the machines are too little lubricating oil contain. That, the Norwegian authorities established after extensive research of the vessel.

The Viking Sky sent Saturday a distress call because the ship is rudderless. All four engines of the luxeschip, that hundreds of passengers on board, had refused service. The boat was located at 100 meters from the Norwegian coast.

The amount of lubricating oil was legally sufficient, but still refused to have the engines service because there is as yet but very little oil was left to the machines smooth. The engines had the extra heavy hard storms and associated waves where the Viking Sky was in.


Passengers slide across the deck of the stranded ship in Norway

Machines were distress signal by low oil level

The low oil level, made sure that the machines have a distress signal received, and automatically all four afsloegen, noted the port authority.

As small as five hundred passengers were already evacuated when the ship Sunday, still could sail. The crew of the ship knew three of the four engines to restart, so the ship could sail. Tugs helped the ship the last 80 miles towards the port of Molde.

Seventeen people are due to their injuries transferred to hospitals.


In need hit cruise ship arrives in Norwegian port

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