Crooks try ‘downloadboete’ to collect with nepbrief

Crooks try ‘downloadboete’ to collect with nepbrief

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Scammers send nepbrieven in the name of film distributor Dutch FilmWorks (DFW), which asks for a compensation due to the illegal downloading of a movie.

The Fraudehelpdesk says multiple reports have been of people who the letter have received. DFW has let know that the letters not by the company are sent.

The criminals set up in the letter that a fine of 150 euros must be paid, but that amount is reduced to 52,74 euro if within eight days will be paid.


Remarkable enough to make the criminals abusing the fact that Dutch FilmWorks last year, has announced compensations to want to requirements of people who illegally download movies. There would indeed be a settlement of 150 euros will be presented to downloaders.

The criminals write in the letter that the tolerance policy around downloading from illegal source, supported by the thuiskopieheffing on blank cds, dvds, and hard drives in 2014 by the European Court of the table is swept. That is indeed the case, and since then the download of copyrighted material in the Netherlands illegally.

Spokesperson Mirjam de Rover, Dutch FilmWorks says to that the company has no damages and has demanded from illegal downloaders. “We are indeed working on it, but we are not at the stage that a fine will be sent.”

Various Dutch internet service providers have previously let you know that they have no information of illegal download customers will want to pass on to copyright holders, unless there is a court order for. The Rover calls the recipients to the letter and throw it away.

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