Critics say that trump will take care of the loss of the house. Really?

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Kurtz: WSJ: Speaker Pelosi help Trump would win

‘MediaBuzz’ host Howard Kurtz weighs published in the Wall Street Journal editorial that alleged that President Trump may elections to create a strategy to target and lose, the house in the midterm.

President Trump makes so many messages that I could write half a dozen columns of today would only lead to his latest comments and tweets from each of the messages in ordinary times.

Trump says he is ready to meet with the leaders of Iran, despite having been abandoned, the nuclear energy deal. I’m Not going to Happens in the category of, not least because the Iranians (unlike Kim Jong-un) to say that you have no interest in sitting with the President, the squeeze, the your country with economic sanctions.

Trump says that the Koch brothers and their network is a “complete joke” and “globalists” and “highly overrated.” This is a response to the criticism of Charles Koch and some of his donors that the President of the rhetoric is divisive, and it does not put him back on the customs and immigration. But the Koch’s were never great trump fans and are not in favour of him.

Trump tweeted yesterday that “the Fake-News Media is CRAZY! You are completely out of joint, and in many ways, after witnessing first-hand the damage they do to so many innocent and decent people who I like.” “Crazy” and “out” are very strong words, but the President pretty much goes on the press every day now.

I was not overly enthusiastic, when Trump said he would be willing to shut down the government if the Democrats give him the funds for border security, including the wall. I see this as a negotiating tactic to pressure the other party on a hot-button issue in the midterm elections. After all, the last government shutdown lasted, what, a couple hours?

But it led to a fascinating Wall Street Journal editorial yesterday, the question of whether Trump really cares if the Republicans lose the house in November. The risk policy, favored by Steve Bannon, it could Democrats hurt the red Senate, but was unable to say boomerang in the house, the magazine.

The editorial argues that the President is “not afraid” a democratic house, as long as the GOP holds the Senate: “Mr. Trump always needs a foil, and Speaker Nancy Pelosi would be of Central political casting.”

Sure, Pelosi-run house “would mean the end of most of Mr. Trump on the agenda.” But he could cut deals with house Democrats on paid family leave, public works spending and trade protectionism.

And here’s the zinger is: Even if the house Dems move ahead with the charges, says the journal, would it majority, never a two-thirds Senate for a conviction. And that could Trump help win re-election, if Republicans and independents, ” conclude, he is the only obstacle to a left-wing government under the leadership of President Elizabeth Warren.”

There are a lot of political assumptions embedded in this speculation, of course. But the journal (owned by Rupert Murdoch), is very much running against a former Republican like George and Steve Schmidt, people pushing for a Democratic vote this fall, a review on a President they despise.

It is true that Bill Clinton had the hope (and won re-election) in accordance with the Newt Gingrich’s Republicans captured the house in 1994. And it is true that Trump is in contradiction to the conservative house Republicans on a number of important issues.

But in the end I don’t think Trump is willing to lose the house in a Machiavellian scheme, to a second term. House Democrats, even if they are smart enough, to avoid indictment, would Trump life difficult with endless hearings, subpoenas and investigations And you would play to your base by blocking almost everything I want to do it.

The President will avoid almost certainly a government shutdown to try to save his house majority, because it would be even harder to win re-election, after he had done two years of getting nothing.

Howard Kurtz is a Fox News analyst and host of “MediaBuzz” (Sundays 11 p.m.). He is the author of “media madness: Donald Trump, the press, and The war for the truth.” You can follow him at @Howard Kurtz. Click here for more information on Howard Kurtz.

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