Cristiano Ronaldo wanted to verkrachtingszaak to hide from the children

Cristiano Ronaldo, who is in the last year, the court was taken because he was accused of rape, says that the news was trying to cover up for the older children. The 34-year-old football player, was embarrassed in front of them.

“I can remember that I have at home, tv, watched it with my girlfriend, and she’s in the news I had,” says He, in a conversation with Piers Morgan, the talk show Good Morning Britain.

“I heard that, my kids came down, and I put a radio station on it, because I was so ashamed of. I didn’t want The jr to hear that there is a negative opinion about his father was speaking.”

The football player says in an interview about his relationship with his girlfriend, Georgina Rodriguez. “It is a part of me, and I’ve got a lot of support from her. I love all of it. I have in my heart for her, and she hers to me. She is the love of my life.”

He has been a three-year relationship with the Spanish Team, with whom he was in november of 2017, a daughter, was present. The five fifa World player of the Year, before the twins (now two years old), who allegedly were conceived by an American surrogate mother. He is also the father of a nine-year-old Cristiano jr., who also is a surrogate mother conceived, it would have been.

The case is not pursued by the prosecutor’s office

The case was brought in July by the prosecutor’s office in Las Vegas does not continue in the future. According to the public prosecutor’s office could not conclusively be proven that it was rape, especially since the events from nearly a decade ago, it would have played out. Technically, he was never innocent of it.

The decision brought a lot of relief from the five-fold winner of the Golden Ball, and up to a lifetime in prison could have been prevented. “I do not feel at ease to talk about it, but I’m the innocent one is found, and that makes me proud. Even though it was very, very difficult.”

The U.s. attorney Kathryn Mayorga was doing at the time, one day at a later date file a report with your local police department, but refused to name the name of the Portuguese, to name a few. The case was then closed.

Nine years later, a new investigation was launched, but that did not result in a criminal charge. There is, however, a civil trial against the Right, but this is, at best, to a fine result.

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