Cristiano Ronaldo: “Always have admiration for the commitment and devotion of Sá Pinto’

Sport/Voetbalmagazine pulled in Lisbon looking for stories from the spelersverleden of Ricardo Sá Pinto. Among others, Sergio Conceiçao, Luis Figo and Cristiano Ronaldo, explore, and anecdotes about the current Standard trainer.

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In total, Ricardo Sá Pinto over two periods, from 1994 to 1997 and from 2000 to 2006, nine seasons spent at Sporting Lisbon. Often as a number 9 or a 9.5. But he was more than a deep striker. He went to the battle, put pressure, grabbed balls away from the feet of the defenders.

Club president Bruno De Carvalho: “In the beginning, he was anything but popular because everyone knew he was no supporter of the club (Sá Pinto has played in the youth of Porto and was a fan of Benfica, ed.). Now he is a legend of Sporting. He gave every match for the full one hundred percent and was the personification of true Sporting. He was the symbol of the club. He was the type of player that after affluiten could neerzijgen of their efforts.’

Sérgio Conceição has Sá Pinto for twenty years. They were team mates in the national team and played in the 2006-2007 season, together with Standard. ‘It clicked quickly between us. Perhaps because we have the same integrity of character. We are two people that are passionate, and 24 hours on 24 hours for our job life. For us there is but one thing more important than football: our family.”

The current coach of FC Porto has to learn to live with the tantrums of his friend. “He says the things right in your face. He can be very direct, and therefore, he is sometimes misunderstood by the outside world. But I do know one thing: a dressing room is able to understand who is sincere and who is not. And players appreciate it when you’re honest with them.”

Also Leonardo Jardim, the coach of Monaco, belongs to the intimate circle of Sá Pinto. He even insisted on coming Saturday at the King baudouin stadium, dropping down to his buddy to come and encourage during the cup final. “We are each other come across when I coach was Sporting (season 2013 – 2014, editor’s note). He often came back to his second home and one thing led to another… Today I asked him a personal friend. We live our passion in the same way, but he shows his emotions more than I do. He is a man of feeling, a winner, but he will never cheat. I think he is misunderstood and feels by a lot of people and I know why they are not able to conceive. But he is such and he will in this life no longer change. (laughs) If he is otherwise going to behave, then he would no longer Ricardo Sá Pinto.”

Jardim gets a anecdote above about the character of Sá Pinto to characterize. “About a year ago we are with a knowledge of me going to dinner in a Monegaskisch restaurant. He has a first wine tasted. It was not for him and he has the stuff denied. When my friend, a wine chose, is he starting winding. “Why did you get that wine out gets stolen? You call that wine? For me, that’s vinegar.’ Five minutes later they were with each other, horsing around. That is typical of Ricardo.’

In praise of Cristiano Ronaldo

Finally, there are two greats of Portuguese football, at the request of Sport/Voetbalmagazine, like to briefly characterize. ‘Ricardo is always an excellent professional who gave the best of himself’, says Luis Figo, winner of the Golden Ball in 2000. “He had a real impact on the team. Not only because of his voetbalkwaliteiten but especially thanks to his winning mentality. You should make him actually a good grasp to his behavior and choices. If you’d just superficially know, you may get a bad opinion about him. I guess I’m lucky that I have him to the best of my friends should count. We are a couple of times together with our families on vacation. Three months ago we were together new year is celebrated in Mexico.”

And Cristiano Ronaldo himself: “He was at Sporting when I was there in the profkern was recorded. He was always a mainstay for young players. In addition, I have always admired cherished for his dedication and his commitment to every practice and every game. He relaxed never. He is very passionate about football. He is with his whole heart in his profession and he knows very much of. His character is simple: he is right, a good man. Ricardo was one of the most experienced players in the dressing room, he knew for every match or something to say to the group to motivate. When we see each other, then we’re talking there about, we have beautiful memories that we share.’

The true nature of the beast

Read the full report about Ricardo Sá Pinto in our Plus-zone or in Sport/Voetbalmagazine of Wednesday 14 march.

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