Cripple IF patient controls voice with thoughts

Cripple IF patient controls voice with thoughts

A paralyzed patient may thanks to a surgery in the University Medical Center Utrecht with her thoughts a voice synthesizer to operate. Doctors put electrodes on the brain of the woman is her brain activity to pick up.

The patient suffers from the disease and therefore can’t move and talk, but by the hersenimplantaat she can still be heard. “In fact, this patient has a kind of remote control in the main been given,” says professor Nick Ramsey, professor in cognitive neuroscience.

It is according to the hospital’s unique in the world that a patient’s technique at home can use. She’s got the voice synthesizer in mind her fingers to move. In this way she can on a screen, select letters and form words by the computer is to be pronounced.

According to Ramsey is going to have a major breakthrough “in the achievement of independent communication in severely paralyzed patients”. The research is published in the medical journal New England Journal of Medicine.

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