Creators of Man Bites Dog, to throw the images for the sake of the participants ‘ problematic

The creators of Man Bites Dog, to know interesting people, to find coverage, but they are never easy to score a goal. If a participant will be sorry on the pictures, it will be a item that is thrown away.

“The border is the answer to this question is: do we think that someone will feel the pain of it when it is due? We will approach people with grace,” says Michael Abspoel, voice-over, as well as the former curator of the program, in the interview with the Dutch newspaper de Volkskrant.

The authors, who on Monday return with their program, but in the small business accounted for nearly three episodes, and a few times afterwards, it was decided that a quote would be better, could be left out.

Man Bites Dog, made ever, is a man who has a romantic relationship with his 24 bicycle. ‘Kees is riding a Bicycle,” revealed therein are sometimes ready to get on the bike. “If a band is too soft, you can feel him pushing.”

Abspoel, “We have, internally, a long discussion about that to come. That would be a lot of disconnect, if only we knew. The road was good, without having sex. The deciding factor was, and is, that he necessarily wanted it to be on tv came about. In his environment, reacting positively, be happy.”

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The viewer will have to wait for the return of the Lingo, and the Man Bites the Dog.

“Laughing, screaming, crying’

The former curator of the program, thinking that some of the people, Man Biting Dog is to associate it with “laughing, screaming, crying” the fact that the fragments were to be seen in programs such as De wereld Draait door.

“Since they chose not to for the images, in our series, children suffering from cancer, but to Nel Veerkamp, who accidentally put a set of false teeth by a stranger in her mouth. I understand that, but something like that is going to have a life of their own.”

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