Creators GTST find that cliffhanger best ‘repeat’ can be

Creators GTST find that cliffhanger best ‘repeat’ can be

Photo: Otto van den Toorn

Certain events from the zomercliffhangers of Good Times, Bad Times can be ‘repeated’.

To say that screenwriter Suzanne Hazenberg and creative producer Rohan Gottschalk in conversation with

Friday night is the 27th zomercliffhanger of GTST to see. Just like in the cliffhanger of 2004, when a fire broke out in the venue Range, plays fire has a role in the story.

“A fire is a fire, that may be more common,” says Gottschalk. “We now have 27 cliffs behind the back so that things resemble each other, there is impossible almost not to.”

Gottschalk draws attention to the differences with thirteen years ago. “It is a very different story than was told. It is different in the picture and there are other twists in. But certain elements you can certainly repeat, if you do it right.”


As a GTST-cliffhanger written


Also a cliffhanger like that in 2000, when Bowien Galema (played by Tanja Jess) literally on a cliff hanging, would, according to Gottschalk would be able to come back. “As long as it is exciting. The viewer must ask: will that person survive or not?”

Since the need of Hazenberg not always necessarily have to be spectacular. “I can one remember which it became clear or Bing or Danny was the father of the daughter of Sjors. That was very small, but as a viewer, you asked your half a year wondering how it was. That was in my opinion one of the most exciting cliffhangers we’ve ever made.”

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