Creating a Space to Age in Place

Creating a Space to Age in Place

Some people are nomads, never really content to live in the same home, city, state, or even country for a very long period of time. Others stay in the same home their entire lives, their roots running deep into years of family history and tradition.

Aging in place has become a big issue and has even been fostered by numerous state legislators. San Diego electrical companies do their best to accommodate homeowners of every age. Here are a few tips for creating a living space of your own to age in place.


Personal care becomes more important the older you get, making bathroom design a big part of any remodeling job. The key to a bathroom remodel is safety. Statistically, more household accidents occur in the bathroom than in any other part of the home. Don’t worry: with proper planning, you should be able to drastically reduce the risk of a slip and fall.

Grab bars are an economical way to greatly increase the safety in your bathroom. Install several on the interior and exterior of your shower or bathtub. Grab bars now come in a variety of colors and styles to better match your home’s d?cor and taste. Gone are the days of cold and metallic.

For showers and tubs, install grab bars and shower seats and apply an anti-slip coating on the bathtub floor. These three modifications can greatly increase safety and won’t cost you fortune. An adjustable or handheld showerhead used in conjunction with a shower seat makes for a safe, easy shower experience.


Considering people spend a third of their lives sleeping, it’s a good idea to have a comfortable and safe bedroom. The bedroom should be located on the main level of your home, ensuring easy access.

Getting in and out of bed can be a problem. To combat the potential strain, install safety handles to allow easier access and reduce the potential for falling. These safety rails have become standard for years and are quite economical.

For most people, having a bedside phone is standard. Still, having a working phone next to the bed is crucial in the event of any emergencies. Adding an extra phone jack is fairly easy and typically only requires a call to your phone service provider.

In general, make sure to do away with any clutter. Organize your closet with an installed closet system. Keep floors clear for easy passage into and out of your bedroom. This will make for a safe bedroom that also looks neat and tidy.

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