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Exactly one hundred years after the establishment of the women’s right to vote, more than the new characters anywhere. There will be a Women’s Marches were held, with the slogan “boss in own belly’ is back with a vengeance and, also, that the women have to say. The medium of the podcast will be frequently used in this field. A list of the greatest feminist perspective.
Damn Honey

Damn, Honey is a result of the release of a film of a feminist pamphlet of the Marie, and Their Hedges, and Nydia from the Resort. In the podcast, Damn, Honey, builds on the previous topics that have been discussed earlier in this pamphlet, such as slut shaming, body positivity, sexuality, and heteronormativiteit. In the podcast, however, goes a step further by also in the everyday issues to deal with. Or, as Hedges, and as Yet it is self-articulation: “of All the shit that you as a woman of this age should be dealing with.”

Listen to the podcast here


Mabel Swan and Julie Veldhoven, the founders of the fledgling podcast TETTALK. The podcast is about, yes, her breasts. In a series of twenty to thirty minutes and head for the ladies’, the world of nipples and cups. Of themselves, they also don’t stop there. There are already two episodes online, and that will be worth the effort, even for listeners with and without breasts.

Here you can listen to the podcast

Gurls Talk

The Gurls Talk-a podcast that is made by the same British model Adwoa Aboah (see photo), a founding member of the platform, Girls ‘ Talk! It is an open, online platform comes from her personal experience with mental health, and provides the opportunity for others to share experiences in a safe and secure environment. The podcast discusses Aboah, the topics in which they happen to be with her community advocate. With her guests, talking to them about topics such as sex, love, career, inclusiveness, and a political one.

Here you can listen to the podcast

Dipping sauce

Anousha Nzume, Ebissé Grief and Mariam El Maslouhi, the founder of the podcast Dip. The podcast was born out of the need to make stories, and share relevant issues from the perspectives of women of color are told they have to have their say. A dipping sauce is a critical, culturally-minded, politically engaged, and always with a generous portion of humor, originality, and a deep-seated stubbornness.

Here you can listen to the podcast

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