Court: House parents, Yuri van Gelder on slot after drugsvondst

A judge has determined that the house of the parents of Yuri van Gelder in Waalwijk, the netherlands on lock. It reports the Brabants Dagblad.

Tuesday filed the lawsuit in the court of Breda in which the parents of Van Gelder the temporary closure aanvochten.

Their lawyer, Vincent Poelmeijer is of the opinion that the family have been punished enough by the publicity around the drugsvondst. In addition, the closure for financial issues.

But the municipality of Waalwijk, the netherlands still stands behind their policies for premises temporarily to close when there is more than one gebruikershoeveelheid drugs is found.

According to the church, she gives this measure, not only a clear signal, but also the neighborhood safer. The judge ruled in favour of the municipality of Waalwijk, the netherlands.

In the house was of 2.4 pounds of weed found

In the parental house of the well-known turner was in January in a raid of 2.4 pounds of weed found. The case came to light because of “abnormal power consumption in the street”. The weed was in the house to dry on special racks, but there would be no question of a hennepkwekerij.

Van Gelder no longer live at the address. However, the world champion of 2005, another company, with which he sports, and sportdemonstraties organizes, at the address registered.

The 35-year-old Van Gelder, who in the past openly about his cocaine addiction and in 2009 was suspended, lives in Den Bosch.

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