Court Gabon rejects by opposition’s allegation of electoral fraud

Court Gabon rejects by opposition’s allegation of electoral fraud

Photo: AFP

The constitutional court of Gabon last Friday by the opposition’s accusation of fraud in the presidential elections at the end of August will be rejected.

The judges refused the oppositiekandidaat Jean Ping, who narrowly lost the election, delivered copies of ballots as evidence to accept, because that is largely unreadable.

The leader of the opposition suspects president Ali Bongo, whose family for nearly half a century, the reigns over the African country, of the cheating with the votes in the province of Haut-Ogooue. That is a traditional stronghold of the Bongo family. Virtually all eligible voters would have voted, and 95 percent of them opted for Bongo.

Allies of Bongo came in the case with evidence which would demonstrate that the Ping itself would have cheated. The court rejected ultimately, the results of 21 constituencies in the capital, Libreville, but in doing so, retained the president a lead of slightly more than 50 percent.

After the announcement of the results at the beginning of september were riots where three people dead and dozens injured.

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