Court: Broadcast Publicity about Onno Hoes from 2014 still are not illegal

The Amsterdam court of appeal has determined that the broadcasting of Publicity from 2014 about Onno Hoes is not unlawful. The court destroys, thus, the judgment of the district court, which previously ruled that the broadcast did was unlawful.

The street was left in the conscious broadcast images of Cover, at that time mayor of Maastricht and is married to Albert Verlinde, during a sexual appointment private with a younger man.

After the commotion then arose, decided Case on to steps as a mayor. The court in Amsterdam ruled in 2016 that the street was a compensation had to pay to Cover and the images should not have been broadcast. Also had the broadcasting of the images to delete.

‘Ex-mayor made private life the subject of attention’

The court now proposes that the ex-mayor in his personal life the subject of public attention and political assessment has been made, which are meetings with a young man is also a part of the public debate were allowed to be made.

Although the making and broadcast of secret recordings infringes on the private life, the court held that journalistic freedom of speech in a political matter in this case outweighs. It counts that the recordings were made in public spaces.

Dominque Weesie: “This situation has no winners’

In a response to let PowNed-founder Dominique Weesie know that the conscious images of Case probably not by the broadcaster will be made available.

“It’s been so long ago. This situation has no winners and Onno Hoes should just take his life. I’ve said it before, but I look with very mixed feelings on that affair.”

The item about the Case was broadcast during the latest broadcast of PowNews. There has Weesie or regret. “That whole broadcast was already fixed, but was a few hours before, completely upset by the video of Cover. Then we have so much crap to do.”

On the question of whether Weesie with the knowledge of now would do the same, he replies, however, in the affirmative: “Because Case has his mandate is abused and there he was already warned. But maybe we had the second video not to publish.”

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