Court allows only one additional witness in the trial of Bill Cosby

Court allows only one additional witness in the trial of Bill Cosby

There should be next to Andrea Constant-only an additional witness during the trial in which actor Bill Cosby must be a trial.

That leaves the judge in Pennsylvania Friday know. There are a total of thirteen women who want to testify during the misbruikzaak.

The judge tells the value of their potential testimony carefully weighed. It turned out that only one of them was strong enough for a witness in the courtroom, reports CNN. The lawsuit is scheduled for June.

The woman, who, as an additional witness is allowed to occur, would Cosby for the longest time know. She met him in 1990, and the actor would be that she was helped with her career. In 1996, he would have her sexually have been abused after he her drugs had given.

Pills and wine

Former basketbaltrainster Constant states in 2004 were sexually abused by the comedian. Constant would in 2004, during a visit to Cosby pills and wine have received of him, which caused her consciousness lost would have been hit. Cosby was in 2005, it dismissed from legal proceedings and reached an agreement with Constant.

The case was however reopened when more and more women the comedian publicly of sexual abuse accused. If Cosby eventually be found guilty, he would be a prison sentence of up to ten years in prison.

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