Couppoging Gabon in accordance with government failed

Five soldiers in Gabon in the night between Sunday and Monday around 4.00 pm a short time seized the staatsradio and announced that they have democracy in the African country to recover. The government gave around 10: 00 that they have the situation under control again and had the couppoging failed.

According to a government spokesman “the mutineers” after some time, overpowered by a special unit of the police. Two of the coupplegers perished, and seven others were taken prisoner.

In the radio speech uttered lieutenant Kelly Ondo Obiang dissatisfaction about the history of Gabonese president Ali Bongo, who is currently not in the country. He is in Morocco to recover from a stroke.

There would be this morning a group of about five hundred citizens have gathered for the radio station to show support to the coup, says a correspondent of BBC News. Furthermore, there are no reports about protests or riots have been reported.

There would be in the morning, however, gunshots are heard in the capital Libreville, near the radio station. Also have some time for helicopters above the city flew.

How many soldiers have taken part in the couppoging is not known, but according to journalists in Gabon would be going to a small group of young soldiers. The coup came as a surprise, because the army is always loyal to the family Bongo.

Obiang: “President due to illness not in country’

Bongo was at the end of October ill, and is since then in Gabon. Due to lack of official reports about his condition, there is the last few months a lot of speculation about his health. On december 31 of last year, he announced in a videotoespraak that he does well.

According to Obiang “reinforced the new year’s speech of Bongo doubts about whether the president has the responsibilities as the leader of the country is still run.” Obiang has established itself as a leader of the patriotic movement of defence and security forces (MPJFDS) was proclaimed.

The old leader was in 2009 elected as president, after his father Omar Bongo, who over 41 years ruled the land, died. In 2016, it was Bongo was re-elected for a new term of seven years. The elections were accompanied by arrests, violations of human rights, technical failures and riots.

Soldiers call Gabonese youth in action

In the declaration founded Obiang located on the Gabonese youth. “Dear young people, it is time to control the future….”

The military had announced that they were within a few hours, a ‘National Council of restoration” wanted to establish. To do this, one of them appealed to different institutions in the country. Union members, leaders of youth movements and members of the clergy were summoned to report to the parliament.

In addition, they had the army assigned to the airports, transportation, and munitions depots to take over.


Army announces couppoging to staatsradio in Gabon

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