Couple sells all their possessions for sailboat, sinks 2 days on a trip

A Colorado couple’s dream of a life sailing around the world had the wind out of the sails when their boat capsized almost two days in their journey.

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A few plans for a better life.

Nikki Walsh, 24, and boyfriend Tanner Broadwell, 26, decided almost a year ago that they were tired of the work.

“How can we live our lives when we are working most of the day and you pay so much to live?” Walsh, who booked timeshare tours for a living, told the New York Post.

“Most of the work that you are going to your house. There is another option,” she added.

So, the Colorado couple sold all their furniture and their SUV and bought a 49-year-old boat in Alabama to live on, and eventually sail the world in.


The couple moved to 28-foot boat, in the marina of Tarpon Springs, a small town on Florida’s Gulf Coast, and lived there for months with their two-year-old pug, Remy, while they have a stock of food and other necessities.

The couple had their trip planned for a year-both quit their jobs, and the sale of all their worldly possessions in Colorado before moving to Florida to live on their 28-foot boat.

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“We were pretty prepared,” Walsh said of the collection of items to them for their planned trip to the Caribbean.

However, the two were not prepared for what happened next.

Almost two days in their company, the couple’s boat capsized in a channel of water called John’s Pass.

“We thought that the channel where we were going, but that was not it,” Walsh told the New York Post, telling the publication they were armed with GPS and paper navigation charts.

Local captains say the shoals shift frequently in John’s Pass, the Post reported.

“We started freaking out because the waves came, and it was tossing our boat to and fro,” Walsh recalled.

Broadwell was on the back of the boat, holding on to Remy when the problems hit.

“My hands were shaking. We were terrified,” she said.

Before leaving the ship, Walsh said she picked up some clothes and important documents, as well as things for their dog.

“I also got Remy, the food-and just about everything he needed,” said Walsh. “He does not deserve to go without his favorite toy.”

Walsh admitted she and her boyfriend, who used to drive for Uber, “the new sails.”

If the boat turned over, the couple lost all their material possessions. The couple said they have $90, no jobs and no boat insurance.

(Zuma Press)


However, the couple, who with only $90 in cash, no jobs and no boat insurance, say they are still hopeful for this world sailing plans and have started a GoFundMe begging people to help them “not to give up on [their] dreams.”

The duo is looking for $10,000 to save the ship sunk off the coast of Madeira Beach, FL. Walsh said the increase of the boat only cost at least $6,700.

“We have a lot of family to help us, but it is so hard when you have lost everything,” Walsh told The Post of Jacksonville, where the couple are staying with loved ones.

Although the couple seem to be down and out, they still plan to “buy or salvage from another boat” at a certain point and “try try try again,” Walsh writes on the GoFundMe.

“You have but one life. Why would you do what you do not love. Money is not everything!” Walsh told the Post.

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