Counter-claim of insurance company against Kanye West

Counter-claim of insurance company against Kanye West

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Insurance company Lloyds by Kanye West is being sued for 8.5 million euros, has filed a counterclaim. The company states that it is the musician not have to pay.

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West complained insurer Lloys because it refuses a compensation to be distributed, after the rapper in november, is Saint Pablo Tour for health reasons afblies.

West paid tens of thousands of dollars in contributions to his concerts to insure against force majeure, illness or disability. The rapper was at the end of november included in a psychiatric hospital in Los Angeles after his paranoid behaviour. Doctors found that the artist is suffering from fatigue and West decided the 21 remaining performances of his Saint Pablo Tour to blow up.


The insurance company points out in the new claim on that existing physical and mental health problems outside of the policy, and believe that the team of West fails to cooperate in an investigation to the actual cause of the collapse.

In the rechtbankpapieren says the company, that the irregularities encountered in the medical data of the musician. For his privacy, are not in the documents described. Therein, however, the conclusion of the company, which has West certain facts has twisted or has omitted to mention. Therefore, it would be the insurance “not have a duty to proceed to make payment.”

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According to West, insurer Lloyds, also several times sensitive information about the rapper to the media leaked. The lawyer, West claims that Lloyds that way the pressure on West wanted to perform, in the hope that there is a reason arose to not return. “Artists pay tons of money to insurance companies such as Lloyds, to find out that they are ultimately nothing to get paid,” said the lawyer of the West.

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