Council of Europe: Hungary is violating the frequent human rights of asylum seekers

Hungary violates many human rights of asylum seekers, according to a Tuesday report published by the Commissioner for human Rights of the Council of Europe, Dunja Mijatovic.

They shall, inter alia, that asylum seekers in the transit area at the fenced-in Hungarian-Serbian border are limited in their right to international protection, and that asylum-seekers there is also sometimes no dinner.

Also, Mijatovic serious concern to the new Hungarian legislation, which makes it possible to develop applications easier to reject something that, according to her, systematically happening. Besides Mijatovic out against the use of excessive violence by the police during forced removals of foreign nationals.

It calls on the government of Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orbán on to the proclaimed “crisis as a result of the mass-immigration”. According to Mijatovic, by the Hungarian government picture does not match the number of asylum seekers that actually Hungary or the European Union enters.

Also calls, when the Hungarian government to stop the anti-immigratieretoriek. According to Mijatovic feeds the anti-immigration policy of the Hungarian government “xenophobia, fear and hatred” among the population.

Hungary defends itself by parts of the report to dispute reports the BBC. Orbán and his anti-immigratiepartij Fidesz have in the past more often in the clinch located with human rights organizations.

The Council of Europe consists of 47 countries and is not affiliated with the European Union.

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