Council for the Protection of children calls for international rules to surrogacy

Council for the Protection of children calls for international rules to surrogacy

The Council for Child protection calls for international rules for surrogacy, to prevent couples who want to have children in legal problems, and end up hitting if they are in ‘cheaper’ countries, a draagmoedertraject to go in.

In addition, the Council for Child protection that there is an ethical debate about surrogacy, writes the AD.

“A child is not a product,” a spokesman of the council. “In practice We see wensouders rules and violate laws to their own needs. They make use of anonymous gametes, or as a parent on the birth certificate, such as in the Ukraine happens. International legislation regarding surrogacy would help.”

In the Netherlands draagmoedertrajecten to such strict regulations that often flee to foreign countries. Canada and the USA are popular destinations, but there are costs to the trajectories, on average, half more than in countries in Asia or Eastern Europe.

Legal battle

The problem is that the birth certificates from these cheaper countries in the Netherlands are often not recognised, making up their newborn child to take home without a protracted legal battle.

Some Asian countries, such as Cambodia, prohibit commercial surrogacy recently. Therefore, shifting the market to countries such as Ukraine, Georgia, and Laos, where the vruchtbaarheidssector often suffers from a lack of rules and supervision.

The Council for Child protection and the ministry of Security and Justice let you know no figures on how many Dutch use of a foreign surrogate mother, or without the right papers a child return to the Netherlands. That happens for a large part out of sight of authorities, thinks the ministry.

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