‘Cosby Show’ actor Geoffrey Owens spotted bags of groceries in NJ Trader Joe’s

The former “Cosby Show” star was snapped by a shopper at work behind the counter of a Trader Joe’s in New Jersey.

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“Cosby Show” alum Geoffrey Owens, who played Elvin Tibideaux, the young doctor, who is married into the Cosby family on the famous sitcom, was photographed working at a Trader Joe’s in New Jersey.

The actor, who was on the comedy tv-series from 1985 to 1992, was spotted by a local shopper at the Clifton, N. J. store, standing behind one of the checkout counters and the wearing of a Trader Joe’s staff shirt with a name tag to read, “Geoffrey.”


The shopper who saw the actor told the Daily Mail that she is shopping with her wife, the security manager, around 7:30 on Saturday evening, when she recognized Owens and took some pictures.

“I was just at Trader Joe’s, and I said to my wife, I said,” Wait, that’s the guy from the Cosby Show,'” Karma Lawrence told the outlet.

She continued, “She looked at him and said,” It looks like him. He is a little heavier.'”

Was convinced by the actor, Lawrence went to look up pictures of the actor online.

“I pulled a site on the Internet to look at a picture of him and he said,” That’s him,'” she confirmed. “I’ve never seen him at Trader Joe’s for. I got a lot of errands and he was not really looking for someone but he said, ” have a nice day.'”

Sabrina Le Beauf as Sondra Huxtable Tibideaux, Geoffrey Owens as Elvin Tibideaux.

(NBC via Getty Images)

The 57-year-old actor played Sondra Huxtable, the doctor man in the last five seasons of the hit series.

Owens continued to act and appeared in the spots on TV shows like “Always Sunny in Philadelphia” and “that’s So Raven” and most recently starring in an episode of “Lucifer” in 2017.

“The Cosby Show” ran for eight seasons from 1984 to 1992.

Cosby, who played the role of the main character, Cliff Huxtable, was convicted of the sex attack in April after being accused of sexual abuse by more than 60 women.

“It was a shock to see him working and looking the way he did. It made me feel really bad. I was like, ‘Wow, all those years of doing the show and you ended up as a cashier,” Lawrence said of the sight of Owens on the Trader Joe’s store. “Other fans would be surprised for sure as well.”

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