Cory Booker’s” Robert Bork, ” the reference draws social media mockery

in the vicinityVideoCory Booker to the defense of Joe Biden on the democratic debate stage

Democratic presidential candidate Cory Booker joins Peter Doocy in the post-debate spin room.

Twitter users were laughing, maybe even in your sleep — to a comment Cory Booker, the Democratic presidential debate in Ohio during Tuesday.

At one point, Booker was asked if he was going to break tech giants such as Facebook and Amazon, if he is elected President.


“We need regulation and reform,” the U.S. senator from New Jersey responded. “And antitrust law, I mean, Robert Bork’s laughing now in his sleep. We have a reality in this country, to farms in the cartel of the pharmaceutical that caused problems, and we have to deal with that.”

The reference to Bork’s laughing in his sleep drew laughs, because the author of “the Antitrust Paradox” – nominated for the Supreme court by President Ronald Reagan in 1987, but did not win Senate confirmation – died in 2012 at the age of 85 years.

“Um, someone needs to tell Cory Booker that Robert Bork is not asleep,” a user wrote.

“If Robert Bork is asleep,” another mixed up in the “Trump should Wake him up and replace RBG with it’s own libs.”

Later in the debate, former Vice-President, Joe Biden, took credit for the support of the killing Bork’s Supreme Court nomination.

U.S. Supreme Court nominee Robert H. Bork testifies before the Senate judiciary Committee during his hearings on Capitol Hill, Sept. 16, 1987. (Associated Press)


“If I was Robert Bork, defeated, I made sure that we choose guarantees the right of a woman to, for the better part of a generation,” said Biden, a former U.S. senator from Delaware, is the chair of the Senate judiciary Committee at the time.

Booker presidential ambitions may soon revealed to go of Bork’s Supreme Court nomination: A recent Fox News poll, more voters, Booker regarded to be unfavorable as favorable and 32 percent of the voters were to say that it belongs either never heard of it, Booker, or had no opinion about him.

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