Corruption in Russia

Corruption in Russia


Today the most well-know word in Russia is corruption. Whether it is a big problem or not. Only God knows. The only thing we must remember that our country at all times was thought to have been a highly educated, spiritual country.

Nevertheless, what instigated such things to come about? Might we reveal this mystery? Most likely, the answer can be found in the past of Russians. It turns out that the corruption in Russia existed up to eighteenth century and was rather legal.

The government was considered to pull in by taking a generous amount of bribes and nobody bore responsibility for it. These dirty deeds lasted until 1715 and since then, receiving a bribe grew to be a severe crime, as officials were provided with fixed salaries. In the beginning of the 19th, the salaries were paid in paper money. Lack of confidence within the bureaucracy again led to the onset of corruption.
In Soviet Russia, bribery was viewed a very serious misdemeanor, the Criminal Code was austere and if you disobeyed the law, you would be sentenced to the capital punishment. Looking into a survey that was conducted in 2006 about 65% of Russians had an unenthusiastic or extremely negative outlook on taking bribes, but only 50% had the similar sight on granting bribes.
As you can see, the history of Russian corrupt practices dates back to ancient times. Unfortunately, we cannot return the time back and change the situation. Only the future generations can change this ruinous tendency.

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